It’s so annoying when you have something lovely to go on your walls but you’re left with a horrible nail or screw poking through. It can really spoil the way something looks.

Crafty Button TipLike these lovely glasses. They look just as lush with flowers as they do with candles. They are hung in our bathroom. But wait…what’s that? A screw?! Rubbish. How can you banish unsightly things like that without damaging the woodwork/wall underneath?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a very simple, and stylish solution to this major problem.


Cover Screw Heads with ButtonsAs you may know from earlier posts I have a thing about buttons and have a pretty decent collection. So if you have an unsightly nail in your wall get some blu-tack & a matching button. Stick the button to the nail with the blu-tack. Your unsightly nail has become a thing of beauty.

Simple & crafty! x

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