Two things: Firstly, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to write my first post about Copenhagen. Secondly, it feels like it was ages ago that we were there!

A few months ago, we decided to go to Copenhagen during half term. We decided on Copenhagen, mainly because we had Avios points (air miles) we could use to go there, stay in a decent hotel and it wouldn’t cost us very much. Plus, both Phil and I have a huge interest in the Scandinavian countries and way of life. Plus, Borgen.

Heathrow Pod

Our flight was early Tuesday morning, so we stayed over night at the Thistle Heathrow Terminal 5 hotel. It doesn’t look much from the outside, but it was perfectly fine inside. We were able to watch the latest The Walking Dead on my iPad episode anyway, so that was good! The bonus of staying there meant we could leave our car there and get a Heathrow Pod to the Terminal. They are environmentally friendly, running on electricity, cost £5 each way from the hotel and take less than ten minutes. A great way to start our Danish adventure. It had been ages since we’ve been abroad so going through the airport was immense fun for me! As we’d used our Avios points, we flew with British Airways and everything was fine during the flight. (I’ll write about my vegan food travel experiences in another post.)

As we’d got an early flight, we arrived in Copenhagen quite early too. The flight is only about an hour and a half. Once we arrived at the airport, we took a train to Copenhagen, which only took about half an hour. We then walked to our hotel, Copenhagen Island, which gave us a great insight into the city. My first impressions were that it was very clean, quite quiet and bikes rule the road! We’d planned to leave our bags at the hotel, but were pleasanty pleased to find we could check in. Our room was fine, despite the lack of kettle and our view of the main road. (We discovered later that we could have requested an upgrade, paid a bit more and been given a room with a view of the river and have a kettle. But by this point, I couldn’t be bothered. Missed that kettle though.) Then we headed out into Copenhagen in search of food.

River taxi Copenhagen carlsburg Copenhagen chai Christiania wallart Hotel view Copenhagen Cathedral Copenhagen boats

Over the next few days, we walked forty miles, spent loads of money on food, took too many pictures (is there such a thing?!), planned on moving there and just enjoyed being in such a lovely city. Everyone spoke great English, were very polite and helpful and everything seemed to be so relaxed. We spent a lovely evening in the Tivoli Gardens, explored the National Museum and the had a look at the Parliament buildings, wandered around Christiania and a few other places. At the end of our stay, I felt that we could’ve done with another day. We flew out on Friday morning and I had wanted to go over The Bridge to Malmo, in Sweden, and see the Little Mermaid, but we ran out of time. Oh well, this just means we’ll need to go back again!

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  1. Copenhagen is simply fantastic, isn’t it? We spent three very happy days staying at the Copenhagen Island Hotel in autumn 2014 and loved everything about the place. I must admit much of our stay was taken up paying homage to Birgitte Nyborg, but we did get to experience many of the main sights and spent a huge amount of kroner.

    Would move there tomorrow if I could! Thanks for another interesting post.

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