Having bought ‘Baking Made Easy‘ I wanted to see if I could replicate some of the beautiful things within it. 

MacaronsMy first choice this weekend was macarons. They seemed easy enough. The ingredients seemed pretty easy to use. The making process was okay, although the sugar syrup wasn’t as easy as it looked on TV! The biggest problem was the baking bit. I know – it kind of goes against what it is supposed to be. There were a few problems – I really need a baking sheet instead of baking trays. They don’t allow you to spread your mixture out so they end up spreading into each. I had the same problem with the whoopie pies I made. Also I had trouble getting the oven up to the right temperature. This meant that the recommended cooking time was extended by a long way! Finally, they all seemed to stick to the baking parchment they were on. This seems to be a common problem & have since purchased a silicone baking sheet to help with this.

FocacciaMy more successful attempts from Baking Made Easy were the focaccia & bread sticks.  The focaccia was really easy to make. The ingredients were simple & the process clear to follow. The end product was delicious. We promptly ate most of it for lunch, dipped in olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Super tasty. Using homegrown rosemary from the garden was a lovely touch too. The bread sticks probably weren’t as successful. I had problems rolling them out. They were quite dry & this made it very difficult. They turned out a bit chewy but when dipped in hummus they were still pretty tasty. I’m not sure what I’ll try from there next, especially as I’ve also recently received ‘The Hummingbird Bakery: Cake Days‘ and this has loads of lush recipes in it. Really not sure what to try first!

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