So for yesterday’s #BEDM post, I know absolutely nothing about Cinco de Mayo and have nothing in common with Mexico so I thought I’d write up a few recipes I’ve been trying recently.

Veggie Cooked Breakfast

Veggie breakfastThis is based on the breakfast that I had recently at Companion in Oxford. In a bid to get as many vegetables in as possible, I went totally overboard with the cooked tomatoes and mushrooms. Delicious!

Spicy Tomato Soup

spicy tomato soup

I found this recipe via Pinterest and it was delicious. It was such a simple recipe, really easy to cook and tastes amazing. I also made some wholemeal rolls to eat with it. It was the perfect lunch.

Sweet and Sour Tofu

Sweet and sour tofu

This was another Pinterest find but it was a bit of a disappointment. The veg was lovely and the recipe was easy to follow, there just wasn’t enough flavour in it. If you know of a good sweet and sour tofu recipe, let me know, because it’s my favourite meal! I also made egg fried rice to go with the tofu. I cooked up some brown rice then added it to a pan with sesame oil, soy sauce and a beaten egg. It was delicious!

Hot and Spicy Tofu

Hot and spicy tofu

In a bid to find more tofu recipes, I gave this one a whirl over the weekend. Found via Pinterest, it’s a great recipe and is nice and spicy, which is how I like it! It’s a really easy recipe to follow. It definitely needed a bit more of something, maybe more vegetables or something, as I could’ve eaten a second portion very easily.

Finally, I also made lamb burgers & sweet potato wedges for my OH. I was going to make myself a burger but didn’t fancy it at all. Sadly I forgot to take a picture, but my OH was really impressed with the burgers. He doubted them originally, thinking they might be really bland, but he really liked them and we’ve had the meal a few times since. The feta and mint goes really well with the sweet potato wedges too. I still haven’t found a good, simple, tasty veggie burger recipe so if you know of one, please let me know!

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  1. I love the tomato soup so much 🙂
    I’m doing the #BEDM too, if you want, check out my blog 🙂
    Michela xx

    • The tomato soup is amazing, yet so simple! I’ll pop over and check your blog out now 🙂 Thanks for saying hello!

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