I love my sofa. And I love junk food. And I’m a fan of lazing around in my jammies. A lot. But none of that is healthy. Around Christmas time, I was in complete agony. I have a dodgy back and a bum knee and I’d been lazing around, eating too much junk food and my body was telling me enough is enough. I felt soft, weak, tired and run down. All the time. Life is way too short to make yourself feel like shit. There’s plenty of people out there who will do that for you. If you’re not doing the best by yourself, who is? So I decided on a change. A sensible, feel better, look after myself kind of change.


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I started off by doing the daily exercises the physio recommended for my back and knee. I started using Lift app to track it and help provide a little more motivation. After a while, I added in a plank move to help try and improve my core strength. The big turning point, however, was reading Laura’s Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish blog, signing up to her newsletter and taking her ecourse, Feeling Fabulous. Why was this so important? Because exercise is only 25% of the issue. Food is the bulk of it. I’ve got a crappy relationship with food. I’m all about comfort. Had a bad day? Make it better with cake. Had a great day? Celebrate with some cake. Does the day end y? Have some cake. Yep. I like cake. And I’m a rubbish vegetarian, in that I didn’t really replace meat with anything other than, yep, you guessed it, cake! Dieting never worked. I’d follow the diet for a while, see results, feel amazing, then start letting ‘bad’ foods back in until before you know it, I’d fallen off the diet wagon into the cake pit. I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager. All it does isย make for low self-esteem and a wardrobe that you can’t fit into.

The Feeling Fabulous course teaches you to forget what you think you know about healthy eating, stop labelling foods good and bad, enjoy your treats, just don’t treat yourself day in, day out and eat as many vegetables as you can! Since I started the course, I’ve learnt that if I want to have energy, feel better and enjoy life, I need to plan all meals, including snacks and treats, find vegetables I like and eat them, shop accordingly and not dial Dominos when I don’t feel like cooking. And what do you know, it works! It’s not about ‘dieting’, it’s about changing the way you see food. It’s fuel, not a comfort blanket. It’s a way of life, not an instant fix.

I’m never going to be a size 10, heck I may never even be a size 12 and I’m certainly not going to be running any marathons any time soon (or ever! Running for a day?! No thanks!) But if I can go to sleep at night (and actually sleep) knowing I’ve made the right choices for myself and done the best I can for my body, then I’m good with that. It’s all about balance.

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    • Ha! I don’t always find it easy to make the right health choices, but I’m working on it ๐Ÿ™‚

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