As a freelancer I work from home, so my walk to work involves me walking downstairs. And that walk isn’t particularly photo worthy! So I’ve decided to share the walk I took on Monday.

Cadgwith Stream
Cadgwith View
Sunny Cadgwith
Cadgwith Footpath
I walk somewhere at least twice a day with Poppy, even if I don’t feel like it because it’s so beneficial. It gets me moving, gives me so much needed fresh air and vitamin D and is essential for my mental health. You can read more about my dog walks with Poppy here.

How about you? Where’s your favourite walk?

9 Comments on #BEDM – Walk to Work Week

  1. That walk is fabulous! I am like you and I love a good walk, clears the cobwebs and puts a smile on your face

    • Absolutely! There’s nothing like getting out there, wind in your hair, (hopefully) the sun on your face, getting some fresh air 🙂

  2. Tried to post a comment earlier but don’t think it worked – lovely walk!

  3. My goodness, that’s one pretty walk! I love that having our pup means I have to walk a couple of times a day! I’m sure it’s what keeps me sane!

    • Absolutely. One of the big factors in our decision to get a dog was that both my OH and I work from home and tended to stay indoors a lot. Having a dog means you have to go out! I always feel better after a walk 🙂

    • It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Sadly, it’s not my usual walk, which is nice, but not quite as picture postcard as this!

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