My day generally starts about 6.30am, which is when Poppy stirs. She’s really struggled with the clocks changing, but seems to have finally realised that 5.30am isn’t time to get up! When I’m not feeling under the weather, like I am today, I’ll usually start my day with Pilates, but all I could manage this morning was a chilly walk with Poppy & my OH.

Morning dogwalkAfter getting home & feeding Poppy, it’s time for my own breakfast at about 8am, which is usually cereal or porridge, but this morning my OH & I decided we deserved a bit of a treat!

CroissantsThen after doing the dishes and a few other very exciting chores around the house, I usually sit down at my desk at about 9am, where I start checking all the different social media streams that I manage and set about responding to emails & catching up on blogs.

A craty chai at workToday we had a guy from a double glazing company come round to give us quote on replacing two windows that are permanently saturated at the moment. The current windows are probably Edwardian, so not original to the house, but still pretty old. We did look at refurbishing them, but to be honest, they are so cold & let so much noise in, that replacing them seems like the best option. Can. Not. Wait.

WindowAfter scheduling lots of social media for the weekend, it was time for lunch & a damp dog walk. It was pretty wet out there, so Poppy & I were only out there for a short time. We went to the park, where Poppy was bitten the other day. It’s only a small bite & she’s taking her antibiotics like a trooper, but I needed to go back to the park before it became an issue. There were a few other dogs there & I was terrified the whole time, but Poppy took it all in her stride!

Damp dogThe afternoon was spent blogging, doing blog post research and catching up on the Freelance Lifestyle ecourse I’m doing this month. Quite a nice way to end the week actually! As I’m off tea due to feeling rubbish, I’m enjoying my new favourite drink instead. Cannot get enough of this stuff!

cherry cola

After quite a productive afternoon, and while I’m waiting for the dinner to cook (a very uninspired oven chips & veggie kievs), I’m going to be catching up on my reading while watching some of Grey’s Anatomy series 9 on Lovefilm. Not a bad end to the working day!

magazine stackAfter a pretty disappointing dinner (if you’ve not tried the Quorn mini kievs, don’t bother. Yuk!), it’s time to chill out. Watching a bit of mindless TV & doing some knitting in front of the fire. Yay for Friday nights!


And so to bed. I’m not much of a night owl, so I am generally in bed by 10.30pm at the latest, maybe a bit later on a Saturday, but not much. I’ll read for a bit, until my OH falls asleep, then it’s lights out. Am currently reading Restless by William Boyd for book group. Like it so far, but I’m a slow reader so it’s taking a while.

RestlessSweet dreams! x


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    • I know! She’s okay fortunately & it’s the bite is healing well. I’m on the mend too, especially after an afternoon on the sofa relaxing today! Perfect 🙂

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