I really enjoy walking around in the countryside or on the beach. One of the reasons we wanted to get a dog was to make us do this more. We’re very lucky that Poppy will walk as much or as little as we want! She was a real trooper on our recent holiday to Cornwall. While we were there, I got a bit video happy! Here are a few videos of our Cornish escapades!

We stumbled across this pebble beach on one of our walks out of Cadgwith. I was being all ‘experimental’ videoing the water while Poppy was getting bold with the sea. She’s not a massive fan of going in the sea (neither am I to be honest) so this was quite an adventurous step for her.

This was at the Lizard Point and if you watch it long enough, you’ll hear the fog horn that went off while we were there and aged us all by about 10 years! When we arrived at the Point, it was a pretty nice day. Slightly overcast, but nothing too bad. We watched the bad weather roll in off the sea and before long, the fog horn was blowing! Time to head home.

Being by the sea is my favourite, though I love being in the countryside and feel very lucky that living in Oxfordshire means you’re never far away from a country walk and pub!

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