It’s not long until Christmas. I used to love Christmas. I’d look forward to it for ages. Then I went through quite a stressful situation at work and sorting Christmas was just another thing on my to do list, so that kind of sucked the joy out of it. Since then, it’s just a chance to put my feet up. Yep. I’m not going to get stressed about Christmas, after all, it’s a day off! All I want to do on Christmas day is see people I like, eat as much as I can guilt free & enjoy some festive tiples from the moment I wake until I fall asleep.

Christmas Oreo truffles

I won’t make a Christmas cake and am hoping to get through this Christmas making as little food as possible, though consuming plenty! To be honest, I’m a little surprised that it’s this close to Christmas. It won’t surprise you that I’ve not bought a single thing. There’s still a month though right?! Previously I’ve tried to make things for people, but to do that, you pretty much need to start just after the last one. Let me tell you, I’m not that organised!

Icelandic Santa

We haven’t really established many traditions since we’ve been celebrating Christmas together, though we do buy a new tree ornament every year, like this one we bought in Iceland. We also always get a real Christmas tree from Appleton Christmas Barn, where they’re locally sourced. I am worried about how Poppy will react to the tree for two reasons. 1. She likes to try things out by trying to eat them or poking them with her nose. 2. Her tail is mega long. She has been known to clear a table when wagging it. This could end in tears!

Christmas Tree

One tradition we’ll start this year, is going for a post-Christmas lunch dog walk with Poppy. I have my fingers firmly crossed that it’ll be a white Christmas, though not so white we won’t be able to get to lunch! How about you? Do you make all your presents? Did you make your Christmas cake & pudding yesterday?

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  1. Totally recommend marks and spencer fruit cake if you’re not making one! Definitely what I’ll be munching on!

    It’s interesting how a tough Christmas changes your perspective. One year my mum was in and out of hospital, suddenly all the traditions seemed incredibly pointless! X

    • Oh, thanks Emma! Good to know! I agree, after all, it’s just another day, but I try not to be too ‘Bah Humbug’ about it!

    • I remember working in a shop – Christmas started in August with the deliveries etc. By the time December came around, I’d had enough! The trick with buying the Christmas decoration is to get one from somewhere a bit special. This year, the decoration has come from Fortnum & Mason!

  2. I get a new decoration each year too, building up a good collection now.
    I like a post dinner walk, if I didn’t I’d just fall asleep and wake up grumpy!

    • I think that getting a new decoration each year makes it more meaningful. We always try to get them from somewhere special that will add to the memories.

    • That’s so true Claire – people are more likely to say hello on Christmas Day. Hope you have a relaxing Christmas!

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