I watch a lot of TV. Always have done. I enjoy the escapism that a really good TV show brings.¬†Whether I’m sitting doing some knitting, doing some chores or pottering about, I quite often have a box set on the go. (These days, I much prefer to watch a box set than watch something on TV. Adverts annoy me a lot!) When thinking of this post, I wasn’t sure whether to do a top ten, must-see shows or just my favourites. So I wrote some down and the list grew & grew! So here, in no particular order, are some of the best TV shows I’ve seen.

Out of these, The Wire & The Sopranos are pretty epic and well worth the watch if you haven’t seen them already. Some of them, such as House & Lost, start great but lose it a bit in the middle. I even found the endings disappointing, which is really annoying after you’ve vested so much time in a series! I’ve included both versions of The Killing, as I really liked the American one too. Glad to see it’s been given another (and final) series on Netflix.

Another thing that really, really annoys me is when a series starts off on regular TV, becomes a massive hit, and is then bought by Sky. We don’t have a Sky TV subscription, as we can’t afford it, so we miss out on a lot of series, which is another reason why I’m such a big fan of the box set.

What do you think of my suggestions? Are there any that you think should be included?

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  1. Oh my word. I think I have seen a couple of bits of ER (not a full episode) and nothing else on that list! We got a half price deal for Sky last year, my OH likes it for the sports but I think we will be cancelling soon once it goes back up to full price!

    • This is just a snippet! I’ve seen way more series than this, but thought it might get a bit overwhelming if I included them all! I’ll often buy a box set on eBay and then sell it on when I’m done. It’s a much cheaper way of watching TV, plus you don’t have to worry about the box sets taking up lots of space.

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