Whether you’re in a blogging slump, need some inspiration or just want to jazz things up a bit, taking part in month long challenge is always great fun. Last year, I took part in an Instagram challenge by Fat Mum Slim and took a photo a day. This year, I’m going to take part in Blog Everyday in November challenge by Rosalilium.

#BEDNSometimes I’m really stuck for ideas as to what I should I post, other times, I can’t find enough time to blog fast enough! Either way, it’s going to be really interesting as the topics are all open to individual interpretation and I’ve already got lots of ideas of what to post. So make sure you check back for something a little different!

Are you taking part in the #BEDN challenge? Let me know so I can follow your blog!

PS: I’ll still be writing my regular posts (time & sanity permitting), so if you feel like you might get overwhelmed with it all, I’ll see you in December 😉


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