A few weeks ago, at my Needles & Natter knitting group that I go to at Rosie’s Tea RoomDomesticali was knitting something very cute. Bunny Nuggets. Yep, you read that right. Bunny Nuggets. Naturally I wanted some of my own! But I had to use double pointed needles & I never had before. Thankfully Domesticali had brought her DPN tutorial kit & taught me how.

Pretty much as soon as I got home I Googled ‘bunny nuggets’ for the pattern and found it on the amazing blog of Rebecca Danger. The pattern is free & the instructions are easy to follow. And these aren’t the only cute little critters on Rebecca’s blog! Oh no. There are plenty to choose from.

Bunny Nuggets

I have to say that I’m not a massive fan of knitting on DPN’s & the ears were particularly tricky as they are small. I nearly sulked over them! But once you’ve got the hang of it you want to make loads. I learnt loads from making these – knitting using DPN’s, casting off on three needles and making poms poms. Ideally I wanted to give them as Easter gifts, but I didn’t make them quickly enough! So these are for me x

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  1. I learned to use DPNs recently and yes it did my head in at first. Now I love them. These cute bunnies would make good new baby gifts but the first one (or two) I make will be for me 😉

  2. I think I need shorter ones. I seem to be doing small projects on my DPN’s & am still getting frustrated. Clearly need to do more knitting!

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