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Houndstooth & Roll Neck Jumpers

It amazes me how different clothes, patterns and styles come in and go out of fashion. As an 80’s kid, I can remember some of the current styles the first time round, though they’re much less frightening now. The Houndstooth pattern, however, is one of those classic patterns that never goes out of style. It’s a very grown up style, that I never thought I would feel grown up enough to wear but I do now, especially for work. People Tree have a great range of smart, organic cotton Houndstooth clothing this autumn that are great for work. Paired with one of their Rashida Roll Neck jumpers, a lovely thick pair of tights and a smart pair of vegan brogues, and you’ve got yourself a smart, stylish, ethical outfit.

Houndstooth ~ People Tree A_W 20151. Rashida Roll Neck Jumper Black £68 // 2. Rashida Roll Neck Jumper Winter White £68 // 3. Houndstooth Asymmetric Skirt £95 // 4. Houndstooth Shift Dress £125 5. Houndstooth Print Top in Black £38

As you would expect with People Tree, all their clothes are made using organic cotton, are fair trade and support #whomademyclothes. It’s worth paying a bit more, especially for something like the shift dress, which is handwoven, that will stand the test of time. Houndstooth is one of those patterns that will come in and out of fashion so it’s worth having something that will last. I have the (c/o) Rashida Roll Neck jumper in black, thanks to the lovely guys at People Tree and I love it. It’s warm and comforting and one of those classic styles that goes with everything from work clothes to dog walking clothes, especially if you’re popping to the pub on the way home.

If you want to get an extra 10% off with People Tree, use the code CC10 at checkout. Keep your eyes peeled on their social media accounts too, as there are regular sales or special offers on. Why not treat yourself to something classic and stylish this autumn?

Autumn Layers

Autumn is here and playing havoc with my wardrobe. Chilly mornings, warm days with a heavy downpour thrown in for good measure. What is a girl to wear? Well, normally I relish the new autumn/winter catalogues dropping through my letterbox. However, I suddenly realised that as I’m now vegan, woolen jumpers, scarves, coats and mittens are all off limits to me know. Does that mean I can no longer enjoy the warmth of a new jumper? Or the comfort of a cosy knit? Absolutely not. Here are a few of my favourite, autumnal, vegan, ethical layers. Perfect for whatever the weather throws at you.

Vegan Autumn Layers

{Riva Long Line cardigan in Winter White – People Tree £75 // Rashida Roll Neck Jumper – People Tree £68 // Delamere Cardigan – Seasalt £59.95 // Frigate Jumper – Seasalt £49.95 // Little Grebe Smock – Seasalt £49.95 // Classic Fit Triangle Geo shirt – Fat Face £35 // Heritage Zip Thru hoody – Fat Face £45}

As you would expect, I’ve focused my shopping on my three favourite ethical shops: People Tree (organic cotton, fair trade), Seasalt and Fat Face. All the garments are made with cotton so no animals are used at all. With clothing like this, why do you need to use animal products at all?! I didn’t think the hardest part of being vegan would be saying no to woolen jumpers, but these clothes make it a bit easier. I’ve already got myself the (c/o) People Tree Rashida roll neck jumper and can swear by how warm and comfy it is. Perfect for those chilly mornings. Am now on the hunt for a smart winter coat that is vegan friendly, which can only mean more time looking at clothes. A tough job, but someones got to do it!

If you fancy getting yourself 10% off your People Tree purchases, use the code CC10 at checkout, giving you more money to spend on yourself!

Fashion Revolution Day 2015 – #whomademyclothes?

Two years ago, on 24th April, 1,133 people died and over 2,000 people were injured in the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Thanks to unsafe and unethical working conditions to produce clothes for us in the West. There isn’t just a human cost to cheap clothes, but an environmental one as well. Enough is enough. We need to know #whomademyclothes and hold brands accountable. Fashion Revolution Day is all about making sure the fashion industry ‘values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure’. You can find out more on the Fashion Revolution website.


Stripey top

This is me, enjoying a walk with Poppy, wearing my favourite top from People Tree, safe in the knowledge that it’s ethically made, just like my favourite dress. This is one of the reasons I love People Tree, because they make regular trips with the design team to meet its producers or to measure social impact. This makes sure that every aspect of the supply chain meets the standards that are at the core of People Tree.


So what can you do about it? Well, why not ask your favourite brands #whomademyclothes? Here’s what you can do:

Fashion Revolution Day

Let’s make the fashion industry a fairer one for everyone!