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DIY Christmas Gift Tags

Robin Gift tags

Now I know what you’re thinking – Christmas is over, the decorations have been put away & I don’t need to think about it until November. True. But before you discard your Christmas cards & put them in the recycle bin, have a look to see if you can reuse any of them. I always try & resuse as many as I can in the form of gift tags. Usually, I do it the old school way – cut out the picture, punch a hole in the corner & attach some string. Lovely. But I wanted to do something a little different this year, especially as I am now addicted to washi tape & got more for Christmas.

Now I’m not claiming rights over the design of my gift tags. No doubt they’ve been inspired by countless other bloggers & pinners on Pinterest, but this is my take on them & they are super easy and quick to make.

Firstly, you need some plain gift tags, old Christmas cards, washi tape, sharp scissors & a hole punch.

Christmas Tags

Then cut out the pictures from the cards that you want to reuse. I cut the stars and the robins out individually as they’re going to be used on different tags. With the stars, I simply punched a hole into one of the points, threaded the string through & attached it to the tag.

Star Tag

I then added some washi tape to the bottom of the tag to jazz it up even further. If I invest in some stamps I might even add some initials to the front of the tag, while leaving the back for a lovely festive message!

Christmas Star tags

Using the robins from another card, I repeated the process but instead of threading the string through the card, I stuck the robins on the tag and added the washi tape at the bottom. I’m going to add something above the robin, like maybe a hand drawn sprig of holly at a later date. I’ve got some robins left over, because I ran out of tags! But I’m going to make some more Christmas gift tags so watch this space!

Robin Gift tags

I’m getting ready for next Christmas as I always leave it to late so I’m going to squirrel these away in my Christmas box ready to add to gifts. If only I was this organised with making my Christmas presents!

Have you made anything for next Christmas? Or have you upcycled/reused your Christmas cards into anything? I’d love to hear if you have!

Craft Resolutions & Review

The Joy of Being Crafty

Another year has passed and another has begun. Like everyone, I’ve made a ton of resolutions. I know I won’t be able to keep all of them for the whole year, but I’m hoping to make it through January at the very least!

Anyway, I made some Craft Resolutions last year and I achieved about half. Not bad! This year, I’m going to be less ambitious. Now that might sound like a negative thing, but I hate it when I make a list of things to do and I don’t complete it. So I’m still going to work on completing last years list, and I’m going to be more realistic this year. The important thing is that I continue to make time to craft. Not only have I made some pretty cool things but it’s also good for me to do something other than work!

This year, I want to improve my knitting skills. It’s my favourite craft and it’s the one I’m best at. Therefore, I’m going to focus on it more. To that end, I asked for wool for Christmas to help get this underway and I was very lucky to receive enough wool to make two jumpers! I hope to start knitting the first one quite soon, but I’ve got a few other projects to complete before then. But the main thing I want to do this year is develop my knitting skills & not just pick easy patterns for small, quick things. Let’s hope I stick to this one!

I’m still going to try new crafts and continue to work on the other ones that I still enjoy – I’ve got lots of ideas for silver jewellery designs and cards that I want to make. Plenty to keep me busy!

PS – You might notice that the usual images are missing from this post. I’ll be moving my blog to WordPress soon & moving the images will be a bit tricky so I won’t be adding too many until it’s moved. It’ll be worth the wait though! Promise!

Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

How was your Christmas? Mine was lovely, spent with family. I ate & drank plenty and was also really spoilt. We always write lists to guide people when it comes to presents & I usually put more on the list than I really want so that there’s plenty of choice. This usually means that there are a few surprises!

Christmas Presents

Not only did I get enough wool to knit the two jumpers that I want, but I also received the beautiful bag that featured in my first Tuesday Treat post! My Mum bought me the lovely navy blue bag from French & English Confectioners. What a fab surprise! I had no idea it was on the way & I’m really pleased with it.

I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and got a few surprises too! I can’t wait to start knitting my jumpers either, just got a few birthday presents to make before I can get started.

A Washi Tape Christmas

Gift Wrapping

When it comes to gift wrapping, I really like wrapping presents in brown paper & jazzing it up a bit. Whether it’s bows, ribbons or stickers, it makes the whole process much more fun & creative. This year, I’ve been experimenting with washi tape. Not only have I added it to presents, I’ve also added it to plain paper bags to give them a bit of a festive face lift.

Gift Wrapping

What do you think? With this present, I’ve used a shop bought gift card, but it matches the colour of the tape pretty well. It just makes it a bit more exciting!

Washi Tape

Throughout the year, I collect paper bags. They’re great for giving bundles of presents to people or putting awkward presents in that you haven’t been able to wrap. This year, I’ve added some festive stickers, which are by East of India, and some tape. I like the end result – I’m reusing something, which is good & crafting it up to give it a good second life. Plus I don’t really like store bought gift bags unless they are something special, so by making my own Christmas gift bags, I’m making it a lot more personal! Usually I make my own gift cards from Christmas cards, but seem to have run out already & next year I want to make my own using brown tags, but more on that later!

Christmas Giftwrap

Because the bag isn’t full, I’ve crumpled some tissue paper into the top to fill it up a bit.

Do you have any Christmas wrapping tips? Do you reuse anything from one year to the next?