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Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations

Handmade Christmas Decorations

I’ve had a really busy few weeks & haven’t had much time for crafting. It’s fair to say I’ve missed it. But I’ve got a few big knitting projects lined up so I wanted to craft something quick, easy & from the sofa. So I decided to make some Christmas Tree decorations. Our tree this year isn’t keen on some of our heavier baubles so I wanted to make some fabric ones that wouldn’t pull the branches down. They were quick & easy, perfect for a wet Wednesday afternoon!

To make your own fabric Christmas Tree decorations, you will need:

  • fabricCutting Out
  • fabric scissors
  • needle and thread
  • template
  • stuffing
  • pins
  • ribbon
  • buttons or other accessories
  1. Firstly you need to draw and cut out your template & the only limit here is your imagination! I wanted some stars for the tree and I made them quite big. I chose this bright red Liberty fabric, that I received as part of a fabric bundle from Liberty, because I think it’s bright and festive. You could add them to some bunting, tie them onto presents or attach them to serviettes as part of your Christmas day lunch!
  2. Once you’ve drawn & cut out your template, pin it to your fabric. Because my templates were drawn freehand, I pinned both sides of the fabric together and cut them both out at the same time. That way ensuring the fabric shapes were all the same size and shape, even if my star wasn’t perfect!
  3. Then it’s time to sew the two sides together. If you want a perfect finish, then add a centimetre to your fabric before cutting out for hemming and sew the sides together using a sewing machine. I wanted more of a homemade feel so did some hand stitching around the edges.

Hand Sewing

         4. Make sure you leave a gap when sewing up so that you can stuff your star, but you won’t need much or it’ll look too round. If you haven’t got any toy stuffing you can use some old (clean) tights! Use a crochet hook to push any stuffing into the points of the star.


5. Sew a stip of festive ribbon onto the top point of the star & add a small pretty button onto the front of the star. You could also add some sparkle by sewing on some sequins would also look great.

I am pretty pleased with my Christmas stars & would definitely make some more. Next time I think I’ll some sequins and use contrasting embroidery thread, instead of regular cotton. I’d also like to make some Christmas bunting to go across the front window, so may even experiment with some holly! Watch this space!

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Have you made any Christmas decorations this year? I’d love to hear all about it!

Frock ‘N’ Roll

Handknitted Scarves

Last Saturday was Fe-line Women’s Christmas Frock ‘n’ Roll and I was lucky enough to have a stall for my crafty little bits and pieces. It was only the second time that I’d had a stall anywhere so had the same worries that I’d had before: What if I didn’t have enough stock? What if no one bought anything of mine? What if I sold out? (Okay, this last one would be awesome! But I worry about everything!) I always worry about not having enough stock, & just like last time, had left making things to the last minute. I had a new range in scarves that I’d been working on, but I hadn’t even started the final one by Saturday (though I was half way through by the end of the end of the day!). I hadn’t made any jewellery in ages and wanted to add some mobile phone covers to by collection. So in the run up the Frock’n’Roll, I was crafting like it was going out of fashion! The end result? I had more than enough stock!

Frock n roll

Not bad huh?! I was sharing my stall with Carol from Beyond Bubbles, who hand makes her own soaps, using all natural ingredients. I think the stall looked, & smelt, pretty good. I was right by the entrance to the stall area, so wanted my stall to be as eye catching as possible. The scarves were a great hit, as they are so tactile! Almost everyone came up & felt the softness of the scarves. They were quite popular & I sold the red one quite quickly, with one of the blue ones not too long after. I sold some jewellery too, which is great, and some of it was older stock.

Handmade Jewellery

I had hoped that some of my newer pieces would sell too, but they didn’t. Either way, I still like my new creations & have updated my Folksy shop so if you like something in the picture, then feel free to hop over there & take a look!

Handknitted Scarves

My scarves are my absolute favourite thing though. I love the brightness of the red and am tempted to buy more red wool and knit another. I’m halfway through the purple one and hope to list that buy the end of the week. They are relatively simple to knit, even though they take about 8 hours of knitting each. I’m glad they were popular and am hoping that those who were umming and ahhing over them on Saturday will buy them on-line! They are really soft and super toasty. Perfect for this icy weather!

Christmas Wish List – Nature Friendly

Christmas Wish List - Nature Friendly

It’s so easy to give throw-away gifts at Christmas. You know what I mean, the type you get because you don’t know what else to get or because they were on 3 for 2 at Boots. So why not be a bit inventive & find something a little more eco-friendly and a little bit different? (Because how many No 7 make-up cases can a girl really receive?!)

Christmas Wish List - Nature Friendly

Top Row: Bee Hotel. Book Brooch.

Middle Row: Dog Jumper.

Bottom Row: Lavender Bunny. Beano Paper Chain.

All these gifts are available from Folksy, as are many other sustainable and nature friendly products. Buying them would also support British makers too. Very ethical all round! I think they’re all really inventive ideas and love the Bee Hotel. We have a similar one in the garden and currently have about 12 Mason bees hibernating in it! How cool is that?!

Christmas Wish List – Craft Kits

Christmas Wish List - Craft Kits

There’s always one thing that I am going to enjoy receiving at Christmas and that’s a craft kit. You get the enjoyment of opening the present on Christmas Day and then the enjoyment and fullfilment of making the kit later on in the year. One big problem though is that a lot of kits are children. Great for them, not so great if you aren’t one. So I’ve had a look around for some great kits that adults might also enjoy doing.

Christmas Wish List - Craft Kits

Top Row: Bobby Pins. Sock Monkey. Stuffed Owl.

Bottom Row: Papercut Kit. Create a Gnome kit.

I’ve picked ones that are a bit different, fun & creative. Plus I’d like to receive any and all of them (hint, hint!) Most are from Etsy, but not all are UK based, so if you wanted some as Christmas gifts, you’d better get ordering! I think any crafter would enjoy receiving these in their homemade stockings from Father Christmas, don’t you?!