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New Silver Work

Triple Square necklace

Since Christmas I’ve listed a few new different pieces of silver jewellery on my Folksy page. It’s quite tricky to know what to do about items on my page. If they don’t sell, how long do I keep them on? Is what I like going to sell? Why aren’t things selling?! I’ve tried not to get frustrated or down hearted about it and instead, try different things, lower my prices & fill my shop a bit more.

For this end, I’ve added a few new things this weekend. I’ve recently made a square necklace, a tear drop pendent and a pair of earrings. I like them & would wear them…I just hope other people will too.

Tear Drop necklace Triple Square necklace

Inspiring Craft Blogs

Tear Drop necklace

This morning I tweeted about being inspired by some new craft blogs that I’ve been reading. I got quite a big response about this with people asking what I’d been reading. I thought it might be easier to write a blog post about it than try to tweet links to lots of blogs! SO here goes…

Domesticali. I’ve been reading this one for a while on recommendation from my OH. It’s full of so many different, lovely things and amazing photography. A real treat. And it was through Domesticali’s most recent post that I found some other blogs that are truly lovely.

Dragonfly is one. Full of beautiful images, accompanied by simple text. I love it when blog posts have photos in them, if, for no other reason than you can have a nosey into their homes & view their nik naks!

DottyCookie is very inspirational. Full of great ideas, especially for children. I loved reading about the Harry Potter spells! I’d love that!

I really like {quilt} while you’re ahead. I have a real passion for cushions & this lady has made a few beautiful ones. I am so jealous!

I love everything about Little Cotton Rabbits, from the layout and images to the font. How cute is this stitch font on the header?! Lush! She also has some great knitting patterns. Am so tempted by the little knitted bears. Cute!

Silverpebble is a lady after my own heart. This blog contains a mixture of things, but I really like the recipes. And she makes silver jewellery using PMC and that is impressive.

The Sight of the Morning makes me smile. I love the banner image too. So pretty!

Show me a knitting blog and I’ll be very happy. If that blog has other bits and pieces on it then even better. This is the case with The Philosophy of Lists. A simply lovely read.

The other great thing about these blogs is that they suggest others to read to. Like Pinterest, looking at the other things that people make, where they go and what they do is really inspirational to me. If you know of any other blogs let me know! Happy reading x

Felt Rings

Felt Rings

Felt Rings Mollie Makes kitMy Mollie Makes kit crafty resolutions continues! This week I wanted to make the felt rings. I really wish that I could make the kit so that they look as lovely as the images on the packet but never seem to quite achieve it!

Again the templates are available on the Mollie Makes Makespot which makes it so much easier to make.

I found this quite a quick but somewhat difficult project. I am not a sewing expert. I don’t have a glue gun or any glue that would work with fabric. This meant more sewing which meant more puncture wounds in my fingers!

Two of the rings work. But I don’t quite know what went wrong with the grey one. I think that I’d just had enough & wanted to be done. I was hungry & wanted to get on with my knitting! But I’m glad they’re done. Making the kits is definitely helping me with my sewing. I’m getting much better at sewing in straight lines so it’s totally worth making them.

What crafty bits have you been up to this weekend? x

Felt Rings

Homemade Candles


Handmade Candles kitOne of my crafty resolutions was to make candles. This is mainly because one of the craft presents that I received from my OH’s Mum for my birthday was a House of Crafts candle making kit. I’ve never made candles before but am always eager to try out new crafts. With a few special birthdays coming up, I thought that it might be a nice time to use the kit & make some presents.

When I opened the kit a few Sunday afternoon’s ago, this is what I saw. On initial inspection I did wonder if they’d packed the wrong things & this was a rocket making kit! Then I realised that they blue things were moulds for the candles. You get two bags of wax, three different dye’s to mix & match for almost any colour possible & a small bottle of an orange scent to add to the melted wax. You also get a page of instructions, some stickers to decorate the candles, wick & sticks to hold the wicks in place.

The start of the instructions were pretty sensible. Put paper down over the worktop & wear an apron. Done & done…tho this didn’t stop wax getting on the worktop or the dye but that’s just because I’m clumsy!

The instructions don’t tell you how much water to put in the saucepan or how much wax Homemade candlesyou’ll need for one candle. So I just guessed. It kind of worked, though I did need to top up the wax as I was filling the moulds. I couldn’t get the wick to go through the taper candle so opted to use the other two. I also had two moulds that I wanted to use for the gifts so worked out how to get the wick in place. One of them was quite wide so I had to use a chopstick!

Then you wait for everything to set. This doesn’t take too long, but when I checked on them a little while later I was having a massive problem with the speherical mould. It seemed to be leaking from the center! I hadn’t overfilled it & it was kind of going everywhere! I didn’t know what to do & I couldn’t see any problem solving on the instructions so I just left it. I thought that it would have to stop leaking eventually when it set, which it did. As there wasn’t any advice on how much scent to put in, I really hope that the candles don’t smell too much when they’re lit. As they stand, the smell is quite strong! Oops!

I left them stand where they were for about 24 hours. They had a massive dip in the middle of all of them. This wasn’t a problem with the blue moulds as they would eventually sit the other way around but with the green containers, the dip was in the top. So I decided to melt the wax that had leaked out of the spherical mould & top them up. This worked out pretty Candles as presentswell & it means that as the candles burn the wax will eventually change colour.

My hope is that these containers will be reused by the recipients for something else. The containers were bought in a charity shop in town & I think that they are very cute!

The yellow candle is for me to use in my study. It was a nightmare getting the candles out of the moulds. The instructions recommend putting them in the freezer & using a blunt knife. Even then I couldn’t get the yellow candle out & needed my OH’s much superior candlesstrength (though I’m sure I loosened it for him!) The spherical one was a bit of a disaster. I scratched the candle with a knife when trying to get it out. Plus, by the time it had finished leaking there was only half left. It looks really sad!

All in all I’m glad to have had the chance to make candles. I’ve got some of the wax left so I won’t be stopping there but it won’t become a regular craft of mine due to the fact that there’s washing up involved & potential for my ruining things!

On the whole the kit was pretty good, though I felt that I could’ve done with some guidance on how much wax to use & a few more candle making tips.

I’d certainly recommend the kit to anyone who wanted to have a go. A lovely present to receive!