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Getting Started with a Cricut Mini

A little while ago, the lovely people over at Cricut* sent me a Cricut Mini. I’d never used one before so it’s taken a while to get going with it. I finally sat down and had a little play with over the weekend. It’s going to take me a few more practise sessions before I’m fully confident with it, but it has triggered something creative in my head and it’s bursting with ideas! I had no idea something like this existed but I’m glad it is. The potential is huge, whether you’re into card making, like me, scrapbooking, different forms of paper craft or just want to pimp up a few other projects. This machine can let you do that.

Getting started

It’s fairly straight forward to use. You have to be a member of the craft room and download software on to your PC or Mac. I use a Mac and had no problems. You can buy different ‘cartridges’, which provide you with different fonts, images and phrases and there are lots of projects online & on Pinterest. Some come with project files to help you out (though I couldn’t get the files to open on my Mac, but will have a look in the forum & consult my IT department!)

Cricut cut outsI spent hours simply looking through the different images, slogans and fonts available. I had a go at cutting some out and thinking about how they could be used. I don’t scrapbook, but can see how this would be really useful if you did. It came with a few sheets of paper, which stick to a cutting mat. You can design something to be cut out or cut something that needs further assembly. I’ve got lots & lots of paper in my cupboards so I’m going to experiment some more & maybe make some cards. I’m not sure how well the different types of paper will cut, but I’ll find out & report back!

Something I madeThe cutter comes with a practise project, which I did (see Thank You card below). It was fairly simple & a great introduction into what the machine can do. However, in all the instructions it said to set the cutter to 4, but this made the cutter rip the paper, so I changed it 3 and it worked a treat.

Practice projectThere are lots of video tutorials on YouTube, which I’m going to have to watch, as I’m still not quite sure how it all works! I would prefer written tutorials or have the option of choosing a written tutorial, as that’s how I learn, so if you know of any bloggers out there who have useful tutorials on using a Cricut, then please let me know! Or if you have any tips on what paper to use, where to get it etc I’d love to know. I can see a lot Cricuting in my future!

*Although the Cricut was sent to me free of charge, my review of the Cricut & online guides will be my honest opinion.




Awesome Winter Jumpers

I don’t know about you, but I’m very pleased that autumn is on its way. My main reason? Jumpers. I love jumpers. They are my favourite thing to wear, cosy & comfy, they go with almost everything & they are a sign that it’s okay to stay in the warm! Here are a few jumpers that I’ve seen online recently. I would buy them all in an instant if I had the cash.


I think this jumper is so cute! You’re never too old to wear an owl jumper in my book.
People Tree
:: £95

starBlue is my favourite colour & I’ve always loved stars so this is a perfect jumper.
People Tree
:: £125

hollyI really like the colour & stitch in this cardigan. Think it would go perfectly with a preppy skirt, grey woolly tights & some brogues.
People Tree
:: £145

bobbyI love the bird print trend at the moment & this jumper is no exception.
Fat Face
:: £45

chevronI really like the bright colours on this jumper. It looks really festive!
:: £79

fairisleIs there anything more seasonal than fair isle? I think not!
:: £79

I have given in and treated myself to the Boden Fair Isle jumper – how could I not?! (Plus, I used their 20% off code!) To be honest, I could pretty much buy the entire contents of the Boden catalogue! I know these jumpers are quite pricey, but when you think about the creation of the jumpers, from start to finish, it’s a pretty lengthy process with lots of people involved. It’s taking me ages to knit a jumper, and while I know these aren’t hand knitted, someone has made them so I don’t think they’re over priced – I just wish I had more money! Plus, if they’re looked after correctly, they’ll last for ages, providing you with lots & lots of cosiness!

Pimping a plant pot

One of the items I got in the Crafty Fox Box a month or so ago was some pink tape. This tape is a great example of why subscription box like this is so great. If you’re on a budget, trying new crafts can be really tricky. And it’s one of the reasons I really liked my Crafty Fox Box. I got lots of bits and pieces that I’d never think to buy myself. Plus it’s made me think about how to different things with craft materials. So, with that in mind, I set about pimping up a plant pot. The original plant that came in the pot didn’t survive (oops!) but I planted up my succulents in it and I think it looks great!

plain potThe original pot is plain white so I wanted to add some colour by adding the pink tape.

Pink tapeI really like the wide tape and added three stripes in total. I cut a dart in the tape at the bottom so it would sit properly.

wide pink tapeNot too bad eh?! It’s amazing what a little bit of tape can do to help pimp up a plant pot!

Have you got any tips for jazzing up any other household items? Let me know!



Make your own stamp

This summer has been really busy. Between work and getting things done on the house, I haven’t had much time to do many crafty things, which is a shame as I’ve got tons to do!

I started by making my own stamps, which came as a kit in the June Crafty Fox Box. I’ve never made my own stamps before, so was a little nervous about doing it. Fortunately, instructions were provided online, along with all the tools necessary to make your own homemade stamps. And so, a new craft addiction was born!

make your own stampI started out practising with the feather stamp that came with the box then sketched out a few ideas for my own stamps. I created a shooting star and a cloud (not a huge fan of hearts and flowers, not a great sketcher either!) to carve into the rubbers that came in the craft box.

Carving the stamps was loads of fun and I’m definitely going to be doing more of it. I’d like to make some bigger ones and am even toying with the idea of doing some fabric printing. Next time I make my own stamp, I’m going to have a look online for templates before hand so that designs are more defined. Also, I didn’t score the edges of the shapes deep enough so I’ll make sure I do that next time. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but it did snap one of the points of my shooting star. Still, I don’t think they’re too bad for a first attempt!