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Pinterest Friday

Pinterest never fails to inspire me or pick me up when I’m not really feeling it. There are so many great images on there and they also make me want to be more, do more and yes, eat more! Here are my favourite recent pins:


blueberry cake{source}

flowers in a jar{source}

picture display{source}


This images pretty much sum up what I want over the next few months – tea, cake, pretty autumnal flowers, knitting, winter jumpers & sorting out a few house bits. Perfect!

*The teatime image doesn’t have a source, so if you know who I should be crediting, then please let me know!

My Handmade Lamp Shade

A little while ago, I wrote about needing a new lampshade for our newly redecorated hallway. We’re still trying to decide on one, but I wanted to have a go at making my own one. So I ordered a kit from Sarah Waterhouse Textiles and thought I’d have a go at making my own.

the kitAt first glance, I thought the instructions were really overwhelming, but when I sat down and looked through them, they were pretty straight forward. The kit comes with everything you need to make the lampshade. The only little extras that came in handy were a cutting mat and a craft knife. But if you didn’t have those, you’d still be able to make the shade without any problems.

The instructions are broken down step by step and are really easy to follow. Make sure your fabric is straight before sticking the pvc on as you cannot undo this! Mine is only slightly wonky and you’d never know just by looking. The only really difficult bit is sticking the hoops to the fabric, as you have to do both at once. You really need a second pair of hands! When doing this, make sure you keep the hoops as close to the pvc as possible. My top hoop wobbled slightly and it was difficult to move it so it looks a little awkward near the top. But the bottom, which is probably the most important as you can see it more clearly, is much better.

the finished lamp shadeWhat do you think? Not bad for a first attempt eh?! I’m pretty pleased with it. While it’s too small for our hallway, it might work on the landing. I would definitely recommend this kit if you’re looking to make something like this for your home. Have you come across any good kits recently? Let me know!

Follow your blogs with Bloglovin’

When Google announced that they were closing down Google Reader, I’m amazed that Twitter didn’t implode with rage! Lots of people used it as a way to keep track of new blog posts from their favourite blogs. I didn’t. I’d just signed up to Bloglovin’ so wasn’t really fussed about Google Reader. When my sister asked me last week which blog reader I’d recommend, it had to be Bloglovin’. Why? Because it’s easy to use, easy to set up and it has an iPhone app, that syncs with the Chrome extension I use. (You can follow this little blog on there too! Just click the image below!)

A Crafty Chai on Bloglovin

You can import blogs from Google reader. You can login with Facebook, if you want. You can choose not to have any emails at all. Bonus! I’ve been using it for months and haven’t had a single issue with it. You can follow pretty much any blog you want. Here are some of the blogs I follow on Bloglovin’.

The Philosophy of Lists

The Philosophy of Lists

Cider with Rosie

cider with rosie

The View from Here

The view from here

The Worldly Adventures of Adam & Di

The Worldly Adventures of Adam and Di

Hip Hop Side Project

Hip Hop Side Project



{All images via their respective sources} 

These are just a few of the blogs I read on a regular basis. Using Bloglovin’ is a great way to do this. It’s very straightforward to setup and easy to stay on top of all the great blogs out there.

What blogs are you reading at the moment? Are you using Bloglovin’ or a different blog reader? Which do you prefer?

Paper Peg Butterflies

One of the reasons I enjoy reading blogs is that not only do they inspire me to do things, but there are so many amazing talented people out there who create and write great things. One such blog is Ginger & George. The post that inspired me this week was the tutorial for making peg butterflies. As I have quite an obsession with butterflies, I knew I had to have a go. Fortunately, I already had a wooden peg ready to be used, thanks to my Crafty Fox Box and I always have plenty of paper in so it was a no-fuss, easy to follow tutorial.


I used some new washi tape to cover the body (boy do I have a thing for spots at the moment!), used some old wrapping paper and one of the bags that came with my Crafty Fox Box. So I’m not only creating something new & unusual for my room, but I’m also reusing something & turning it into something pretty! Despite having to draw the butterfly free hand, I think I did a pretty good job! It’s such a lovely idea and a great way to jazz up a gift card or a present.

The tutorial was easy to follow, which is always good for me! And it didn’t require lots of different bits of kit, which always puts me off. Have you made anything this week or have anything crafty planned for the weekend? Or have you pinned any tutorials that you can’t wait to do? Let me know & have a great weekend 🙂