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Tuesday Treat – House Envy

Sticky Mini Quad

This week, I am still very much in the home decor zone. So it only seems fitting that I dedicate my Tuesday Treat to House Envy, which is online shop with a B&M shop in Llantwit Major, South Wales. I first discovered them on Twitter (one of the many reasons I love it!) I love the products that they sell. They are stylish and would suit any type of home. At the moment I am coveting the Sticky Mini Quad pictured below. How awesome are they?! What a great combo of post-its and New York!

Sticky Mini QuadThis is just one of many things I love on their site. They have a great eye for beautiful furnishings, jewellery & gifts. They source new products all the time, which keeps everything looking fresh. I’ve already seen a few things that I’ll be adding to my birthday list so watch this space!

Tuesday Treat

Winters Moon

This week, my Tuesday Treat is focusing on home furnishings. I am in the process of giving parts of the house an overhaul – painting the hallway, two new windows, working in the garden, giving the lounge a rejig & declutter. We desperately need new lamps & lampshades, as well as a few new armchairs. Which is why I love Winter’s Moon. They offer a really ecletic range of home furnishings that suit anyone trying to fill their home with something a bit different. The chair below is one of my favourite pieces that they have. I love the brightness of the yellow against the grey of the background. And I know it would look great in our newly rearranged living room!

Winters MoonSadly, because of the cost of doing these ‘little’ jobs around the house, we can’t currently afford any new furniture, unless we get a lottery win! But I think it’s good to build up ideas of what style and colours work – at least that’s what I tell my OH when I spend hours looking at online shops & Pinterest!

What are your favourite shops for home furnishing? Any favourite designers that you can recommend?

Spring Cleaning time


It’s funny how just a few days of sunshine make all the difference to how you feel, isn’t it? The sun this weekend has been a welcome relief to all the gloom of recent months. I hadn’t intended on starting to spring cleaning, but with we had planned to decorate the hall so whichever way you look at it, it was time to get on with some of those indoor jobs. When the sun shines, it doesn’t seem to matter what you’re doing, as long as the sun shines! One thing I did do was buy some more spring flowers. You can never have too many flowers & they help brighten the house on the days when the clouds cover the sun.


As my OH was poorly, we’ve put off redecorating the hall until next weekend. So instead I started Spring cleaning. The biggest change came from washing the net curtains. We only have 2 – one in the bathroom & one in my study. Now, I’m not usually a fan of spring cleaning, especially as these nets are hand-wash only but the one for my study wasn’t this colour when I washed it! It sits in front of a draughty window so had caught a lot of dust. Now it’s washed, ironed & rehung, it’s brought a real brightness to my study, which is always a good thing!

PS – Can you tell I’m on Vine?! I love making those little 6 second videos. They’re a great way to capture a moment in time where a photo might not do it justice, like fresh washing blowing on the line in the sun.

My Day in Mugs

pug mug

For those who follow my Twitter feed or my Instagram pics, you’ll know I love a good cup of tea, chai and coffee. Inspired by a post on See by Zoe, I thought I’d share my day via the mugs that I use. I know! What a fab idea. Now I love mugs & have a small addiction to buying mugs, so much so, that we’ve run out of space to buy anymore. Plus, I use the same ones, day in, day out, and very rarely use more than 5! And here they are:

Breakfast Tea Mug – Big Brown

Denby mug

I always have two cups of tea in Big Brown every morning. It’s a Denby Fire Chilli mug and I had two, but broke one. Sad times. It’s great for a morning cuppa because it holds quite a bit of tea & it’s a great shape for warming up.

I Heart NY – Morning Coffee

I Heart NY mug

I bought this mug while in New York 10 years ago & I only drink coffee from it! It’s bigger than a lot of the other mugs we have, so it’s great for a caffeine fix. I really want to knit a mug cosy for it, because I drink my coffee at my desk & it gets cold quite quickly. But it’s one of my favourites!

The Hungry Caterpillar – Afternoon Tea

Hungry Caterpillar mug

If I have a cup of tea with lunch or in the afternoon, or a chai, then this is my go to mug. It was a gift from my sister a few years ago & it’s used almost everyday. The only exception is when I have a cup of nettle tea in the afternoon & use my most recent purchase:

Pug Mug – Nettle Tea

pug mug

It is true that buying a pug mug is cheaper than buying a pug & almost as cute. It’s a really lovely mug by Fenella Smith & it’s quite small, perfect for a nettle tea. Plus its got pugs on it! What more do you need?!

Scrabble Mug – Horlicks

Scrabble mug

Yep, I’m really an 80 year old woman, trapped in the body of a 32 year old! I have Horlicks most nights and it goes in my C scrabble mug. It’s a great size for an evening drink, not too big, not too small.

Out of them all, Big Brown is my favourite & yes, I form emotional attachments to everyday objects & have been know to cry over broken mugs. But, when you love tea & chai as much as I do, you need a good mug to drink it in!