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Office Lighting Ideas

I’m in the middle of redecorating my study. It’s been going on since August. (Don’t ask!) Along with replacing the Ikea curtains that I shortened and weren’t the same length (!), I also need a new desk and a new light. We were still using the ‘temporary’ paper lampshade, also from Ikea, which is huge (yep, we thought we were being ‘edgy’ by getting a larger paper lampshade) and I hit it every time I take the ironing board out of the airing cupboard. Plus, I want something that will give lots of light, as my office is also my craft room so I need to be able to see clearly. I love the idea of having vintage or vintage style and these are my favourite.

Lighting Ideas

1. Vintage Green Metal Shade – NOTHS // 2. Vintage Style Factory Pendant Light – NOTHS // 3. Kilner Glass Lamp – Folksy // 4. Penelope Ceiling Light – John Lewis // 5. Mason Jar Pendant Light – Etsy // 6. Dyke & Dean Enamel Shade – Heals // 7.  Welsh Fisherman’s Lamp – Howkapow

My absolute favourite is the Welsh Fisherman’s Lamp from Howkapow. Plus as I’ve painted the walls a light grey, I’m looking to add a few splashes of colour in other places. I just can’t decide which one to get! If you’ve got any suggestions, please let me know!

Autumn Jumpers

Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons and my wardrobe reflects that. I am waiting for the opportunity to wear all the lovely woollens that are filling my wardrobe, wrap myself in a blanket on the sofa and drink copious amounts of hot chocolate. I love autumn because:

  • The weather gets cooler and it’s more socially acceptable to wear jumpers and wooly tights and be wrapped up in blankets. I spend most seasons like this!
  • The way the outside changes, from to green to red and orange.
  • Lighting fires and candles as the nights draw in.
  • Heading out on long walks, with scarves and gloves
  • The perfectly acceptable excuse to hibernate (I’m dreaming about hibernating in the picture below. Don’t think Naomi Campbell has got anything to worry about from me!)

Barbour Knitwear

I do love a good jumper too. So much so that when it’s warm and it’s too hot to wear a jumper, I’m at a loss as to what I should wear! It’s also one of the reasons I love Harry Potter so much. Hermione has such a great jumper selection. I would love her wardrobe! So when the folks over at Barbour asked if they could send me a jumper, I was so excited! And I’ve been waiting and waiting for the weather to get cool enough and for autumn to actually arrive before I wrote about it. (So long summer, you’ve outstayed your welcome!)

Barbour Jumper

I love this (c/o) jumper, it’s warm enough that you can wear it on it’s at own but also roomy enough to add layers underneath when it gets colder. I’m also really like that the v neck isn’t that low, as it means you don’t *have* to wear something underneath if you don’t want to. It’s also smart enough to wear to work or the office, and wouldn’t look out of place down the pub or on a ramble in the country. Whether you want to dress it up with a scarf, dress it down with a gilet and jeans, it’s going to be my go to jumper over autumn and winter for sure. All I have to do is make sure I don’t ruin it in the wash and it should last for ever. Now that’s what I call a good jumper! I think it would look great with these:

Autumn Wardrobe


Roskestal Skirt – Seasalt // Smithy Bootcut Jeans – Fat Face //

Courtney Black Shoes – Bourgeois Boheme // Chelsea Boots – Wills //

Pair the jumper with the skirt and heels and a funky pair of woolen tights and you’ve got a great Sunday lunch outfit. Heading out for a brisk walk with the dog? Throw on the jumper with the jeans and these Chelsea boots and head out on a ramble! The perfect Autumn outfit!

Are you looking forward to changing your wardrobe and adding woollens and tights? Or are you missing the summer already?

*Disclosure: I was sent the jumper for review purposes. As ever, opinions are my own.


I have been decluttering Crafty Chai towers like it’s going out of fashion. Not sure if it’s just because I’m fed of having so much stuff or if it’s because I’m getting ready to hibernate, but either way, all those annoying little jobs on my list are getting done.

I’ve taken bags upon bags to the charity shop, recycled and sold lots of unwanted items (If you’re in the market for an espresso machine, check out my Gumtree ad!) and done a lot of reorganisation. For example, saucepan lids. Everytime we wanted to use one, we had to dig around in the back of a kitchen cupboard and empty half the contents onto the floor. It was mega annoying. Our little house doesn’t have much storage, and what there is isn’t really fit for purpose e.g. our ‘wardrobes’ won’t shut properly, which often means I have to dust my shoes before I wear them! Needless to say, sorting better storage is on my list!


One thing we have achieved recently is setting up an airing cupboard (pictured above – please excuse the poor quality picture!). Previously, bed linen and towels were all over the place, in cupboards, drawers, squirreled away, getting creased. I do like the feel of ironed sheets so always iron them. Therefore it’s really annoying when you get them out of the cupboard and they’re all creased! I desperately wanted a airing cupboard. So we decided to transform one of the cupboards in the spare room. Short on time and budget, my OH used some leftover paint to freshen the cupboard up and bought a cheap shelving unit to save us having to drill into the walls. Someone along the years has done some questionable DIY to this house. We don’t want to make it worse but we are still on a very tight budget. I really like the shelves. They’re easy to keep clean and I’m going to add some vinyl labels using my Cricut Explore, which can be easily removed in the future. We also packed spare duvets and pillows in vacuum bags (so much fun!) to save a bit of room and keep the bugs off.

The good news is that everything is tidy and in one place, including the ironing board and the airer, which fits in nicely in the front. No longer will it fall out on me or terrify Poppy as I struggle to get it in the cupboard! It’s so satisfying knowing that this is sorted. My OH & I have also swapped home offices, which means redecoration and reorganising so we’ve got plenty of jobs to do to get us through until next year!

Summer Outfit Wishlist

When I was on holiday in Cornwall back in May, I was not prepared for the nice weather at all. Queue a wardrobe rummage for shorts, t-shirts and light cotton clothing, I’ve finally got my summer wardrobe down. Here’s the catch though – I’m not a ‘sun’ person. Growing up, I resembled a lobster almost every summer and I’m the only member of my family who doesn’t develop a lovely golden tan either. Freckles? Yep. Sun burn? Oh yes. So this Welsh rose has to be really careful in the sun. Here’s my summer wishlist:

Summer Outfit Wishlist

1. Christian Dior Sunglasses // 2. Fat Face Ultra Micro Ditsy Shirt // 3. Seasalt Skipper Hat // 4. Green People Sun Lotion // 5.  Seasalt Handyband // 6. Seasalt San Sebastian Trousers // 7. Corfu Sandal

As I burn in what feels like seconds in the sun, I prefer to cover up in light cotton clothing as much as possible. If I didn’t and wore lots of shorts and vest tops, I’d have to slather on the sun screen all the time and quite frankly, I’m too lazy for that! So covering up is the way to go for me, which is why I’ve picked these long loose trousers and a cool cotton shirt. While on holiday, and walking Poppy in the most recent sunny weather, I’ve really wanted a hat to protect my head from the sun. Even though we’re skipping the lunch time dog walk, the sun is still mega strong when we do go out, so a hat is essential.

These sunglasses are lush (and extravagant!) I wear specs all the time so prescription sunglasses as vital for me. And I love the retro look of these ones. I think they match the hat really well! One thing I do need is one of the SeaSalt Handybands. They’re perfect for almost any weather we have here in the UK and they come in such a great variety of colours. The one thing I love about summer is the excuse to wear sandals. While these aren’t Birkenstocks, they are similar and more importantly for me, vegan! I live in this style shoe all summer as I really hate having hot feet. I walk Poppy in them, go to meetings in them, do everything in them. A great investment! When it comes to suncream, I’m not as strict as I should be, but because my face cream and makeup has sun protection in it, I don’t apply it unless I know I’m going to be outdoors for a period of time. (I realise I will regret this later in life!) but this sun cream by Green People is not only fair trade, but also Vegetarian Society approved so fits well with my cruelty free criteria.

How are you coping in this glorious summer weather we’re enjoying? Any sun protection top tips?