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Creating a Picture Gallery in your Home

It’s not until you look in a photo album that you realise how many great pictures you have that you don’t display. I found some old family ones and had a few prints and things lying around and decided to create a picture gallery in my study. I bought frames from a charity shop, as they were in great condition and way cheaper than brand new ones. When you’re buying a lot, it’s much cheaper to by second hand ones. For me, I wanted old frames that had a bit of a ‘used’ look because that’s what suits the style of my study. My OH did all the hammering – he’s got a better eye for this kind of thing, as I’m a bit challenged when it comes to spatial awareness!

photo gallery


home gallery

embroidery galleryI had a definite space that I wanted to put the pictures in, as well as a vague idea of how to display them, but when push came to shove it wasn’t going to work and we had to go back to the drawing board. This is the design we came up, as I want to be able to add a few other pictures in the future. We decided to keep the embroidery hoops separate and put them on the same wall as the sampler as I’ve got a few other hoops that are a work in progress and will join them at some point.

I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s nice adding some personal touches to the room with these pictures. And yes, that’s a very young me wearing a burgundy dress. Cute eh?!

Tuesday Treat – Autumn Cleaning

I’m not a big fan of spring cleaning. The weather is improving so I want to be outside, doing something fun. So I prefer to do my spring cleaning in autumn and am in full swing of getting everything tidy & sorted so that I can hibernate guilt free! I’ve given my study a complete overhaul, moved furniture, cleaned, organised, charity shopped, eBayed, the works. I’ve even given the pots in the garden an autumnal overhaul and planted a few lovely pansy plants to go alongside the cyclamens that are in full bloom at the moment.

Pansy and cyclamenNext weekend, we’ll be making a start on the spare room, which needs quite a bit of attention, specifically with storage. So I’m going to be looking out for good, budget friendly storage solutions to help keep that room organised. Is there anything more soothing than a good old clear out?!

Personalising a Bathroom Cabinet

Sometimes you can be looking for something for your home & not quite find what you’re looking for or you want to put your own spin on something to personalise it and give it a bit of meaning. This is what the lovely folk over at The Bathstore asked me to do with this wall cabinet. Our bathroom has a nautical theme, so I wanted to go with blueish tones and as I’ve recently come back from holiday by the coast, I wanted to bring a bit of the sea into the bathroom. Some of my favourite holidays have included water, whether it was the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, sailing on the Seine in Paris or walking by the Hudson River in New York. I knew I wanted to include travel in my design in some way and there’s nothing better than soaking in the tub, daydreaming about holidays & far away lands! Here’s what I came up with:

blue stamps

stamp waves


Finished cupboard

I created waves out of from a selection of stamps I’ve recently inherited. I picked out lots of blue stamps, of all different shades, as well as some green ones to replicate the waves of the oceans. I stuck them onto card, cut the wave shapes out & stuck them to the mirror. I didn’t want the waves covering the whole of the mirror, as that can be quite frustrating when you want to use it! I also used an old OS map to create bubbles to go up the sides of the cabinet to tie in the idea of travel and soaking for ages in a bubble bath, planning adventures in lands far, far away!

I love working with paper so personalising this cabinet was really great fun. I got covered in glue, but am pretty happy with the end result. If you were going to personalise something for your bathroom, what would it be and how would you do it?

How to Clean up an old Fireplace

We live in a Victorian house that has a chimney in both the rooms downstairs. The one in my study has been sealed off and had the original fireplace removed. So when we saw this one for sale on eBay, we snapped it up as it was a bargain. It needed a bit of tlc so we finally got around to cleaning it up last weekend – it’s only taken two years!

BeforeAs you can see, it’s pretty rusty. So I ordered some 0000 grade wire wool and fireplace polish from Cast Fire Places and got to scrubbing.

Rusty fireplace

Vintage fireplaceI used the wire wool to get the worst of the rust off, then wiped off the dust with a barely-damp cloth. I ran out of wire wool, so there are a few little spots of rust left, but they add to it, in my opinion.

Fireplace cleanupThen I applied the polish before buffing the whole fireplace. I’m not going to lie to you – it took way longer than I thought it would! Plus, it was really tough and very, very messy. But it was totally worth it! It’s not perfect, as some of the rust was really difficult to remove, due to the design of the fireplace. Plus, the bottom tile was broken & has been superglued back together. It was always missing the basket, but I’m not that bothered as it’s only for decoration, plus it leaves room for my vintage ale bottle & flowers.

AfterMy OH had to drill holes in the floor to set it into and it had to be drilled to the wall. This wasn’t the easiest thing in the world either! But finally, after 2+ years, the fireplace is cleaned up and standing where it should be! It really makes the room look amazing and I’m really pleased we’ve finally got it in place.