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Paper Peg Butterflies

One of the reasons I enjoy reading blogs is that not only do they inspire me to do things, but there are so many amazing talented people out there who create and write great things. One such blog is Ginger & George. The post that inspired me this week was the tutorial for making peg butterflies. As I have quite an obsession with butterflies, I knew I had to have a go. Fortunately, I already had a wooden peg ready to be used, thanks to my Crafty Fox Box and I always have plenty of paper in so it was a no-fuss, easy to follow tutorial.


I used some new washi tape to cover the body (boy do I have a thing for spots at the moment!), used some old wrapping paper and one of the bags that came with my Crafty Fox Box. So I’m not only creating something new & unusual for my room, but I’m also reusing something & turning it into something pretty! Despite having to draw the butterfly free hand, I think I did a pretty good job! It’s such a lovely idea and a great way to jazz up a gift card or a present.

The tutorial was easy to follow, which is always good for me! And it didn’t require lots of different bits of kit, which always puts me off. Have you made anything this week or have anything crafty planned for the weekend? Or have you pinned any tutorials that you can’t wait to do? Let me know & have a great weekend 🙂


How to Make a Paper Garland

I have hoarding tendencies. What can I say – it runs in the family! I will never forget visiting my Granny at her home & seeing that she’d kept the gift tags from our presents to her and hung them on the wall! That’s just the tip of the iceberg! So, in a bid to preserve my sanity & to not get bogged down in clutter (moving house 4 times in three years also helps!) I try to find a use for something if it’s going to stay in our home. If it doesn’t have a purpose or can be given a purpose quickly, then it’s regifted, given to charity or recycled. After all, our house is quite small & storage is at a premium. So when I come across lovely paper or packaging, I’ll try to think up a way to use it so that I can keep it. This is one of the reasons I love Pinterest so much. You can pin ideas or blog posts about using different materials to give them a new lease of life. And it was one of these that inspired my paper garland (though I cannot find the inspiration for it anywhere, so if you think the idea is yours, please let me know so I can credit you!) I had a really old page from a book that came with a Christmas present from my OH and a lovely red stripe paper bag. Nothing special, but I couldn’t part with either of them! So I decided to make them into a paper garland to hang on my notice board to make it bit more interesting.

Paper garland kit

I am quite impatient with some crafts. If it needs a lot of kit or is going to take me ages, I’m less inclined to do it. So I needed my garland to be quick & easy. And it was. I cut out triangles from the paper & the bag and cut some bakers twine (reused!) to length. I had no idea if the double sided sticky tape would work, but so far everything is still where it’s supposed to be! I added a small strip of tape to the back of each triangle. And hey presto! It worked!

paper garlandA simple, and quick, paper garland. The triangles are quite small, and you could cut them to any size or shape. It didn’t take long & I didn’t have to buy any new materials, which I think is always a good thing. Here’s the finished article on my newly pimped up & decluttered notice board.

The paper garlandThe Mo Farah quote is from The Green Gal’s blog & it inspires me every day! The British Cuppa card is by Archivist Press, though I bought this at Daylesford Farm. The Pinterest logo is a sticker that I stuck on the same paper used in the garland.

I’m really pleased with it. It was simple & quick & is a lovely new feature to my room. I’ve been reorganising my work space recently, mainly because I had too much ‘stuff’ going on and not enough organisation. Reorganising & prettying up my notice board was part of sorting out my space. How do you reuse things that you really want to keep? Have you come across any fab ways to reuse paper?

Tuesday Treat – Papermash

Every now and then I come across a shop that I fall in love with. Papermash is one of those shops. When I found it on Facebook, I couldn’t believe it! It’s like someone has made a shop, just for me. They do so many great things, all made out of paper, which is awesome. It makes me want to throw a party just to I can buy the decorations & the paper plates & cups, straws, all of it! They’ve also got really cute cards, notecards & post-its. All in all, it’s pretty much stationery-geek heaven! I am trying to convince myself I need these mini clipboards in my office. Perfect for list holding & planning different events, don’t you think?!

clipboardsI’m already thinking about some of the different bits & pieces I can add to my Christmas list! If you need a lovely card or some gorgeous tape & bakers twine then head to Papermash – You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Need a new notebook?

I am a self-confessed stationery geek. Whenever I’m feeling down, a trip to Paperchase or a stationers will always perk me up. There’s something very calming & uplifting about new pens, new notebooks or diaries. My stationery buying did get a little bit out of control. During a clear out, I found 5 brand new notebooks. 5. Nothing special about them, but I knew that I had to ban myself from buying any new ones until they were gone. Well, I’ve got one left. And the one I use to take to meetings is starting to fall apart. So I need a new notebook. I’m still using one that I bought from The Green Gables, as it’s lightweight & great for lists, notes & doodles. But I really want a hardback one that’s nice for meetings & keeping track of progress on projects that I’m working on. Here’s a few that I’ve found.

C notebookThis is currently my favourite one, as it has my initials on it. Plus, I really like the colour. £6.00 from Magpie.

mint journalI really like the colour & the pattern on the cover & I think that it looks luxurious! £13.95 from Nancy & Betty.

vintage notebook

I know these aren’t hard backed but they are just so delicious! Vintage notebooks? Yes! $4.00 from Oh, Hello Friend!

personalised notebookI love the idea of a personalised notebook! Especially as my name is tricky to spell. Cute! £5.86 from Letter C Design.


Quite dark, but I love the uniqueness of these notebooks. Plus they have a great story! £17.00 from Deadraven.

All I have to do now is decide which one I want. Choose one. Hmmmm… decisions, decisions! Which would you pick? Or have you found a great notebook elsewhere? Let me know!