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Review – Barbucci Indian Restaurant, Tenby

It turns out that lots of restaurants are surprisingly helpful when it comes to identifying vegan dishes on their menus. One such place is Barbucci in Tenby, where my mum, sister and I went a week or so ago to celebrate mums birthday. My sister, who is one my biggest vegan champions, had got in touch with them to ask about vegan options. They had said that most of their vegetable curries are suitable as they are cooked in vegetable ghee. Music to my ears. Barbucci is in the basement, so it has a kind of secret James Bond lair feel about it. Service was excellent from the moment we arrived and at no point did we feel hurried or rushed, despite it being very busy, especially as they also do take aways. After demolishing an obscene amount of popadoms, my starter arrived, which was four delicious onion bhajis. Make it clear when you order that you do not want the mint yoghurt. I had completely missed this on the menu, as it states that it comes with the yoghurt. Fortunately, only one of the bhajis had the yoghurt on it and my sister was happy to trade me one of her yoghurt free bhajis. Then came the curries. I had ordered the vegetable laziza curry, upon my sisters recommendation. It did not disappoint! (Apologies for the rubbish photo below. Bad lighting, accompanied by being in a busy restaurant and wanting to tuck in meant I didn’t hang around trying different camera angles!)

Laziza curry at Barbucci in Tenby

This curry is delicious. You know how sometimes, you can’t tell different types of curries apart? This was not like that. It was full of flavour, not too spicy but tasty enough to make you sit up and take notice. It was so good that I kept thinking about the next day. And my mouth is watering as I write this! I would go as far to say that this was probably the best curry I’ve ever had and would happily go back for more. I also had boiled rice and a chapati so you can imagine that I was completely stuffed by the end of the night. If you’re ever in need of a really good vegan friendly restaurant in Tenby, then Barbucci is the place to go.

TV Recommendations – February 2016

Well, goodby January, hello February and welcome back to The Walking Dead – airing in the UK on Now TV on Monday 15th February. Not that I’m looking forward to it or anything *eyes calendar and drums fingers on the desk*.

I have to be honest, there hasn’t been an awful lot on TV this month. There’s usually a break at this time of year in anything coming from America, plus waiting for new things to start on BBC. There’s quite a lot coming back to our screens later in February, but this is what I’ve been watching recently.

February 2016 TV recommendations

{Friday Night Lights – Netflix || Mr Robot – Amazon Prime || War & Peace – BBC || Serial – iTunes}

So I kind of fell in love the Coach and Tami Taylor. I started watching just before I went back to school in the new year. I’ve watched all five seasons. Yep, I binge watched like a pro. It reminds me a little of The Gilmore Girls, in that it’s set in a small town in America and the main characters are lovely. The difference is that it focuses around high school American football, but don’t let that put you off. It seems to solve pretty much every problem the town and its inhabitants have, but it does it in such a heartwarming way, you don’t mind. Everyone seems to have a happy ending and that’s why it’s worth watching.

I’d seen people talking about Mr Robot last year, but then, we didn’t have Amazon Prime. We got for Man in the High Castle (which as awful!) but it meant we could watch Mr Robot. We’ve not finished watching it yet, but so far so good. It outlines all that is wrong with our world, thanks to the technology we use and the big global companies who seem to be in charge of everything. This is not a feel good TV show. Watch Friday Night Lights if you want that. This is an honest look at modern life today and how hackers have the power to flip everything on its head.

Thanks to the slim pickings of TV shows since Christmas, we thought we’d give War & Peace a go. Plus I know I’m never going to read the book so watching this will probably be the next best thing. Don’t ask me any of the characters names! I can’t keep up with that, but I love the houses, the costumes, the backdrop, the drama. I can imagine some of the characters are going to come to a sticky end and that only a few of them will have a happy ever after.

Okay, I know, I know Serial isn’t a TV show, but it’s as a good as any decent TV show I’ve ever seen. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, it’s a podcast that investigates real crimes. The first season was epic. And I mean, stop what you’re doing and listen kind of epic. The second series has been full of surprises. It deals with an American soldier who walked off duty while in Afghanistan and was then captured by the Taliban and held hostage for five years. As it’s dealing with an ongoing military investigation, the schedule has had to change and it’s now fortnightly instead of weekly as the Serial team deal with all the new information. Who knows where it will end.

Review: Burger Shop, Bournemouth

A few weekends ago, the family & I headed down to Bournemouth for a bit of a family get together. Sitting round the breakfast table, trying to decide where to eat for lunch, my partner Phil came across the Burger Shop. A quick perusal of the menu to check whether the veggie burger was really and truly a burger and not one of those stupid portobello mushroom in a roll masquerading as a burger and we were on our way!

Nutella Milkshake

As we walked in, I clocked the milkshake menu on the wall. This little beauty is a nutella milkshake. It was pretty much heaven in a glass and I had to make myself slow down and not drink it all in one go. Definitely worth the calorie splurge!

Fat Chips Burger Shop Veggie burger

I ordered the veggie burger with mahoosive chips to go with it. I was not disappointed. The chips were epic! They are the chunkiest chips I think I’ve ever seen! Cooked to perfection, they were delicious. While my veggie burger allegiance lies with my local burger place, Atomic Burger, this burger makes a pretty close second place. The burger patty was accompanied with the standard lettuce and tomato, but it also had a portobello mushroom and slice of cheese. Read that faux veggie burger purveyors?! The mushroom was in addition to a veggie burger patty! It was delicious. I was a very happy veggie burger fan.

I really liked the Burger Shop. The staff were great and not intrusive or overly friendly – hate when restaurant staff treat me like we’re age old friends. I would happily go back there the next time I’m in Bournemouth. Well worth a visit if you’re making a visit to the seaside.

#PaperHaul – A subscription box for Paper Lovers

I don’t know about you, but the only post I seem to get is junk mail, bills or for someone else. (Poppy gets more happy post than I do!) For this reason, I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes. Previously, I’ve tried Not Another Bill, Crafty Fox Box, Graze and a coffee one, though I can’t remember which one. So when I heard about #PaperHaul, I was really intrigued and I signed up.

PaperHaul Travel themed paperhaul

In the box: 2 postcards, 2 sheets of printed paper, 2 greeting cards, 3 gift tags, a sheet of stickers and a roll of washi tape.

The cards are really unusual and are high quality. They’re perfect for sending a little inspiration to your best friends throughout January! You can never have too much washi tape in my opinion, and I love the car themed tape. It’ll be perfect for adding to envelopes, postcards from holidays later in the year and wrapping birthday presents. (I’m haunted by my poor effort this Christmas and need to step it up this year!)

If one of your resolutions is to write more and send your friends and family some happy post, then you’ll need #PaperHaul in your life. It costs just £10 a month (plus P&P), it’s delivered right to your door and for every #PaperHaul box sold, 10p is donated to the UK charity, PostPals. You can also give the gift of #PaperHaul to a paper addict in your life as they’re also available for 3 and 6 month gift subscriptions – perfect if you’ve got a January birthday present to buy!

I plan on trying a few others this year. What are your favourite subscription boxes?

Disclosure: I was given a discount code for this box, but all opinions are my own.