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Textile Love

Textile Love

This week Folksy Finds have a competition based on Textile Love. You simply have to pick 18 images from Folksy that show textiles that you love. In other words, spend some time looking at the pretty handmade things on Folksy and collect the images together!

I picked mine & pinned them onto my Textile Love Pinterest board. There are so many lovely handmade things out there. Below is a snapshot of what I picked. What would you pick?

Textile Love

Felt Rings

Felt Rings

Felt Rings Mollie Makes kitMy Mollie Makes kit crafty resolutions continues! This week I wanted to make the felt rings. I really wish that I could make the kit so that they look as lovely as the images on the packet but never seem to quite achieve it!

Again the templates are available on the Mollie Makes Makespot which makes it so much easier to make.

I found this quite a quick but somewhat difficult project. I am not a sewing expert. I don’t have a glue gun or any glue that would work with fabric. This meant more sewing which meant more puncture wounds in my fingers!

Two of the rings work. But I don’t quite know what went wrong with the grey one. I think that I’d just had enough & wanted to be done. I was hungry & wanted to get on with my knitting! But I’m glad they’re done. Making the kits is definitely helping me with my sewing. I’m getting much better at sewing in straight lines so it’s totally worth making them.

What crafty bits have you been up to this weekend? x

Felt Rings

Knot Necklace Kit

Knot Necklace

I’m trying desperately to keep up with my crafty resolutions and while my knitting ones may be slipping drastically, my Mollie Makes one is moving full steam ahead. This week I fancied making something new to wear so I opted for the Knot necklace kit.

Knot Necklace kit

I used the templates from the Making Spot so that I could draw them on the felt & cut around them. This was much easier than trying to trace them from the magazine. Then, once I’d finished cutting out all the flowers, I needed a tapestry needle. I had no idea if I had one but started going through my sewing kit. The good thing about my sewing kit is that I inherited it from my very crafty Nana. My Nana’s sewing kit has come to my rescue so many times! And lo and behold it didn’t let me down this time either. I had a choice of three needles. Perfect!

Tapestry Needles

It was quite difficult getting the cord through the felt at times & I think it’ll take my fingers a few days to recover, but once they do I know it’ll be worth it.

Knot Necklace

I found this project pretty easy. While it took a few hours, it didn’t take as long as I’d thought it might. Using the templates from the PDF on line was a really good way to start. I’m so glad that Mollie Makes does this. It makes crafting much easier. Whether my necklace is good enough to wear remains to be seen! But I’m glad I’ve done it. Wonder what I’ll make next week! x

Cute as a Button


One of my crafty resolutions was to make all the free projects that I get every month with my Mollie Makes magazine. Well, I haven’t finished them all, but I did think to myself that I should aim to do one every Sunday afternoon. I even wrote it in my Filofax!

Mollie Makes button kitMollie Makes button kitI wasn’t sure which one to start with as I’ve only made the smart phone cover up to now. I wanted something that I could make quite quickly & on the sofa watching Borgen on iPlayer with my OH. So I opted for the buttons from issue 7.

I’m not the best sewer. I’m not very tidy & I’m not very familiar with the different stitches. This project seemed like quite a good little one to do & I want the buttons to go on a woolly hat that I hope to knit quite soon.

I was a bit disappointed that the whole image wouldn’t appear on the button. I’m sure if I was better at sewing I could’ve altered the pattern so that you could see the whole image but I’m not!

There were so many images to choose from in Mollie Makes so I went with the ones thatStitches would make me smile – A bird on a flower, a snowman and then I went a bit freestyle & used the umbrella from one of the other images.

It was quite difficult to put an accurate copy of the image onto the material provided. But I think that’s because I’m not a very confident at drawing & wanted to sketches to be perfect to help with my sewing!

Once I’d finished sewing my first image, I cut around it ready to put it on the button. However, I’d cut it too small & so it doesn’t cover the button completely. I’m gutted as the bird one is my favourite images. I think this one might have to stay on my notice board in my study!

By the time I’d completed all three, both my sewing & cutting had improved. I think I’ll use the umbrella on my hat as the snowman is so big that you can barely tell what it is! One down! x