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Tuesday Treat – Good Health Box

Last week, I wrote about Earthmiles, which is a great way to earn rewards and discounts off a huge array of healthy goodies. One of the rewards I spent some of my earthmiles on was a Good Health Box. Since becoming vegan, I’ve had to change some of what I eat, mostly in a positive way, but there is an awful lot of accidentally vegan junk food out there and that’s not good for my waist line. When I saw the Good Health Box on Earthmiles, I thought I’d give it a go. I do love a good box of goodies, whether they’re paper based or delicious treats. It’s always a good way to find new products.

Good Health Box

This box arrived towards the end of a very long day in the middle of a very long week before half term. When I got home, I was proper hangry and dived straight in to the coconut flapjack, which was lush, and had the Pulsin brownie (made of fruit!) for pudding. I’d definitely have both again. I wasn’t a fan of the naked toffee nibbles, though think they’d be great in porridge or something like that. The Good Health Box enables you to pick between a vegan, gluten free, protein or health box. There are two different sizes (the above is the smaller size) and there’s also a design your own box, where you can pick your own contents, though this is only available in the larger size. Prices range from £17.50 to £32, though I paid less for mine because of my Earthmiles reward. You can get just one trial box, which I did, or sign up to monthly boxes. A great way to treat yourself to something healthy!

Tuesday Treat – Earthmiles

Wouldn’t it be great if you got a reward for exercising? Other than, you know, a healthier life and increased fitness? Phil told me about an app that does just that. It’s called Earthmiles and for all the activity you do, you collect Earthmiles that you can use for discounts in some lovely, healthy shops. You simply sync it with your fitness app of choice, mine being the Fitbit, and over time, you accumulate earth miles that translates into discounts on nutrition, fitness and gear and wellness.


I’ve already used some of my Earthmiles points on products that I already use, as well as treating myself to a few new things. I got a discount at nakd and bought some of their bars, which are always handy to have at school. I also bought some new exfoliator from Organic Surge, using 175 em. And I signed up to a one off vegan box from Good Health and it’s full of lovely, healthy treats! I’ve also got my eye on the 10% discount from Planet Organic, when I’ve topped up my Earthmiles after the half term holiday. Lots of walking = lots of treats, thanks to Earthmiles!

Tuesday Treat – Eden Perfumes

It’s been nearly eight weeks since I became vegan. While it’s been a massive learning curve, there’s nothing I miss. The reason being that there are so many cruelty free alternatives. When my perfume ran out, earlier on in the year, I didn’t replace it straight away. I wanted something cruelty free and organic if possible, but didn’t really know where to start. While I love a lot of what Lush does, their perfumes are too strong for me. Recently, I’ve just been going without, until a fab vegan friend posted about Eden Perfumes on her Facebook page and absolutely raved about them. It’s easy to know which one you want, as they make their own version of many highstreet perfumes.

Eden Perfume

My fab vegan friend very kindly picked me up a bottle of No. 50 Similar to L’eau D’Issey Miyake Women’s, which has been my favourite perfume for the last ten years. I was prepared to live without that scent, but now I don’t have to, thanks to Eden Perfume. Now I know about Eden, I’m going to find another couple of perfumes that I like and add a few more to my Christmas list. Well, you can never have too many vegan, organic and cruelty free perfumes, can you?!

Tuesday Tree – Knee Length Vegan Boots

My favourite pair of winter boots died a death last year. They had served their time well, protecting my feet, ankles and calves from many a frosty morn. By becoming vegan, it means that I need to replace my animal products with non-animal ones and fortunately Will’s Vegan Shoes means that this isn’t going to be difficult (though my credit card may weep slightly!)

Knee length vegan boots

I LOVE these boots. They are already on my Christmas list. The reviews speak for themselves, so I know they’re going to be perfect for whatever the winter weather can throw at me. No more will I worry about early morning bus duty, snow or chilly dog walks. You know these are going to look equally good dressed up or down. Plus, I can pretend I’m Maggie from The Walking Dead as I strut about the place, taking no prisoners! Come on winter, do your worst!