A few weeks ago, my OH & I decided to try and buy our veg as locally as possible. So we headed out to the Cultivate Oxford Veg Van for its weekly stop in Abingdon. We bought, amongst other things, some potatoes and a few leeks.

What are we going to make with them? I asked. How about a Leek & Potato pie? My OH suggested. Nice. It’s definitely the right kind of weather for a tasty, home cooked pie. So I Googled our ingredients, and then filtered for the one with the easiest instructions & the least ingredients. This is the one that I found & we used from the BBC Good Food website: Cheese, Leek & Potato Pie.

Cheese, Leek and Pot Pie

It was pretty easy to make, especially as it recommends you buy the pastry. (If it’s good enough for Delia, then it’s good enough for me!)Make sure you cut the potatoes up into bite size chunks & don’t scrimp on the cheese! We also roasted some carrots to go with it. These too came from the veg van & tasted like carrots should!

We will definitely be making this again. While it’s one for the weekend, as it’s not the quickest, & I’m sure it’s not the lowest in fat, it sure is tasty & warming. Now I need to find a decent squash recipe, so if you know of any, be sure to let me know! Thanks x

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