Last year, someone in work gave me a recipe for a Christmas cake. I never got around to making it last year but this year I was determined to make one. After realising I needed brandy, I finally got everything measured out. The recipe I had showed you how to change the amount of ingredients dependent on the size of your tin. So after not receiving all the ingredients in my shopping delivery and rejigging the ingredients to compensate, I got to it.

It was surprisingly easy. Preparing the ingredients was easy and it didn’t take long to mix up. As I was pouring in the mixture, it became clear that the tin was quite small. So after some frantic texting to my Mum, she said that it would be fine to use a second tin. She even said that, traditionally,a taster cake would be made so it looks like my OH and I have a lovely fruit cake to eat! At least this way, I’ll know if it tastes okay! Now all I have to do is to add the brandy. How much is too much?!

Christmas Cake

Have you made a Christmas cake? How are you planning on decorating it? Any tips? x

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