Lots of people look towards the new year & make resolutions. I will do this too, but I’m already thinking about my knitting resolutions and have found some patterns & yarn that I want to make next year. Like most knitters, I have a wool stash, and none of the patterns I want to make will use up any of that wool. What?! It’ll come in handy for other projects! So here’s a quick round up of the projects & yarn I’m going to attempt next year.

Christmas Wish List - wool

Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s not much. No, it’s not. This is just for starters. Plus, I’m going to try & not overload myself with patterns too early in the year! And I want to try and expand the range I sell in my Folksy shop. I have to admit it’s been a little neglected of late so my aim next year is to add to it regularly and promote it much more. So I think three patterns is enough for now! I’ve asked Father Christmas for the yarn for the two jumpers but only found the Snow Mittens since then. You know I’ll keep you posted on my progress – wish me luck!

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