Another year has passed and another has begun. Like everyone, I’ve made a ton of resolutions. I know I won’t be able to keep all of them for the whole year, but I’m hoping to make it through January at the very least!

Anyway, I made some Craft Resolutions last year and I achieved about half. Not bad! This year, I’m going to be less ambitious. Now that might sound like a negative thing, but I hate it when I make a list of things to do and I don’t complete it. So I’m still going to work on completing last years list, and I’m going to be more realistic this year. The important thing is that I continue to make time to craft. Not only have I made some pretty cool things but it’s also good for me to do something other than work!

This year, I want to improve my knitting skills. It’s my favourite craft and it’s the one I’m best at. Therefore, I’m going to focus on it more. To that end, I asked for wool for Christmas to help get this underway and I was very lucky to receive enough wool to make two jumpers! I hope to start knitting the first one quite soon, but I’ve got a few other projects to complete before then. But the main thing I want to do this year is develop my knitting skills & not just pick easy patterns for small, quick things. Let’s hope I stick to this one!

I’m still going to try new crafts and continue to work on the other ones that I still enjoy – I’ve got lots of ideas for silver jewellery designs and cards that I want to make. Plenty to keep me busy!

PS – You might notice that the usual images are missing from this post. I’ll be moving my blog to WordPress soon & moving the images will be a bit tricky so I won’t be adding too many until it’s moved. It’ll be worth the wait though! Promise!

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