You may have gathered from my previous posts that money is tight…non-existent really. My ‘disposable income’ disappeared when I signed my letter of resignation. So cutbacks had to be made. But I didn’t want to stop doing the things that made me feel better so I knew I had to find a different way of doing them. I have previously made my own body scrub but have been looking for recipes for face masks and intensive hair conditioners that use ingredients from the kitchen. I don’t want to be buying a load of expensive things to put on my face then wash away.

Face MaskSo the lovely Nicola from Yarn Box let me borrow ‘Natural Superwoman‘ by Rosamund Richardson which had loads of recipes for lots of different things. I made the oatmeal face mask but replaced the rose water with honey. It was super thick! But it felt nice on my face and left my skin feeling really smooth and soft. And it smelt great!

I think that when I do it again, and I will be, I’ll blitz the oats in a food processor first to make them a bit thinner. I got oats everywhere! Also, it does need something thinner than honey to mix with otherwise it can just be lumps of sticky oats on your face.

The other recipe I tried today was a hair mask that I found on Pinterest. This is what I love Hair Repair Recipeabout Pinterest. You can see one thing and it links back to the website so easily. This recipe comes from the Stella Wishes website. And there are loads of things to look at on there. The recipes are great but I really love the beauty section and the pictures.

I didn’t have any apple cider vinegar in my cupboards so just used olive oil & honey. This meant for quite a sticky mask. It was so easy to do and I’ll definitely be using this again. I’ve already added the vinegar to this weeks shopping list because I think it’ll make it easier to spread through my hair. That being said my hair is definitely softer, smells lush and it was easier to straighten because it was so well conditioned. The ends which often look quite dried out look healthy again. The mixture didn’t drip so I was able to finish off the chores I’d been working my way through. A fabulous recipe!

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