Now I know what you’re thinking – Christmas is over, the decorations have been put away & I don’t need to think about it until November. True. But before you discard your Christmas cards & put them in the recycle bin, have a look to see if you can reuse any of them. I always try & resuse as many as I can in the form of gift tags. Usually, I do it the old school way – cut out the picture, punch a hole in the corner & attach some string. Lovely. But I wanted to do something a little different this year, especially as I am now addicted to washi tape & got more for Christmas.

Now I’m not claiming rights over the design of my gift tags. No doubt they’ve been inspired by countless other bloggers & pinners on Pinterest, but this is my take on them & they are super easy and quick to make.

Firstly, you need some plain gift tags, old Christmas cards, washi tape, sharp scissors & a hole punch.

Christmas Tags

Then cut out the pictures from the cards that you want to reuse. I cut the stars and the robins out individually as they’re going to be used on different tags. With the stars, I simply punched a hole into one of the points, threaded the string through & attached it to the tag.

Star Tag

I then added some washi tape to the bottom of the tag to jazz it up even further. If I invest in some stamps I might even add some initials to the front of the tag, while leaving the back for a lovely festive message!

Christmas Star tags

Using the robins from another card, I repeated the process but instead of threading the string through the card, I stuck the robins on the tag and added the washi tape at the bottom. I’m going to add something above the robin, like maybe a hand drawn sprig of holly at a later date. I’ve got some robins left over, because I ran out of tags! But I’m going to make some more Christmas gift tags so watch this space!

Robin Gift tags

I’m getting ready for next Christmas as I always leave it to late so I’m going to squirrel these away in my Christmas box ready to add to gifts. If only I was this organised with making my Christmas presents!

Have you made anything for next Christmas? Or have you upcycled/reused your Christmas cards into anything? I’d love to hear if you have!

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