One of the first and last walks we did on our glamping holiday was based around Avon Beach. A lot of the beaches are off limits to dogs between May and September, but if you head to Highcliffe Castle beach, dogs are allowed on the beach all year round. It’s a lovely walk along the promenade, with the colourful beach huts on one side and the sea on the other.

Avon Beach Poppy on Highcliffe Castle Beach Highcliffe Castle Highcliffe Castle Beach Poppy on Avon Beach Veggie breakfast at the Noisy Lobster

On our first evening, we parked at Mudeford Quay carpark and had a lovely evening stroll along the promenade, watching holiday makers try to catch crabs and seagulls bobbing on the coastal breeze. We walked all the way to Avon Beach, noting that most of the beaches along this stretch didn’t allow dogs so we planned to return to visit the dog friendly beach of Highcliffe Castle beach and have breakfast at the Noisy Lobster, as the menu looked amazing.

On our final day, we got up bright and early, packed everything up and headed for Avon Beach. We parked next to the Noisy Lobster, planning on having breakfast there after our dog walk and headed towards Highcliffe Castle beach. As is often the case, the best beaches have dog restrictions during the summer. Highcliffe Castle beach is pebbly, so it’s not super easy to walk on. But it was still good to be on the beach, breathing in all that sea air. There were quite a few dogs enjoying the beach and Poppy was happy to meet them all!

After a while, we headed back to Avon Beach for breakfast at the Noisy Lobster. Fortunately, the weather was lovely so we sat outside for breakfast and Poppy behaved perfectly. The veggie breakfast was absolutely amazing. It was probably the best breakfast I’ve ever had – so much so, I keep dreaming on heading back down to Avon Beach, just for the breakfast!

The Walk: The walk along the promenade is very lovely in itself so if you don’t fancy a walk on the beach too, you can just as easily do this.
Cost: Free
Car Park: We parked at the Avon Beach car park, next to the Noisy Lobster and paid, as always, using RinGo.
Refreshments: While we wanted to visit the Noisy Lobster, it’s just one of many cafes along that stretch of beaches. I can heartily recommend the Noisy Lobster! There are also quite a few taps along the beaches, providing free drinking water, which was essential for filling up our water bottles.
Toilets: There are lots of toilets and all are free.

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