It won’t have passed anyone by that I’ve not posted much on here in a while. My job keeps me very busy (doesn’t everyone’s?!) but I noticed in the run up to Christmas that I was showing signs of chronic stress and/or burnout. We had a very slow and gentle Christmas break, two weeks of doing very little and being very gentle, and this gave me time to think and plan.

I realised that I hadn’t taken much care of myself in the run up to Christmas – not exercising, not thinking about eating properly etc. So I planned for things to better after Christmas, making time for myself and trying to give myself some space from work. I saw an advert on Instagram for the Oxford Floatation Centre and it looked amazing. When I get stressed because of my workload, I hold the tension all over my body and as I don’t relax very well, I’m always looking for ways to make myself relax so thought I would give floating a go.

I am a floating convert. It was one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had. Everything is really easy at the Oxford Floatation Centre. I’d paid beforehand so all I had to do was go through a few bits of information before heading to my pod. After a quick shower, I was in the pod. I’d chosen to have some wave sounds and left the gentle colour changing lights on. Despite me being a little claustrophobic, I pulled the pod lid shut. This is because the pod is huge and, with the lights and sounds, it feels spacious. I didn’t feel claustrophobic once, but completely at ease and relaxed – so relaxed, I kept nodding off. It wasn’t so long until I fell asleep and woke up, just at the end of my session. It was incredibly refreshing.

Once the float was over, I had a quick shower then headed over to the pamper zone, where I could dry my hair before heading to the relaxation zone. I didn’t hang out here long, but next time, I’m going to bring my book and get a herbal tea and spend some time here. It’s really comfortable and everything is designed to help you stay relaxed.

I’ve already booked my next float and I can’t wait. It’s nothing like anything else I’ve ever experienced and it’s something I would recommend to anyone who has stress in their lives.

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