So this week is half term. I had loads of lovely things planned, like chilling out, watching Gilmore Girls in front of the fire, getting my knit, walking Poppy in lots of lovely places, taking lots of pictures and lots of blog writing, as well as the obligatory day of school work. However, my body had other ideas. Pretty much as soon as the school bell rang on the Friday before half term, my body gave up the fight to all the school germs. The hour stuck in traffic on my journey home didn’t help, nor did the driving around looking for somewhere to park when I finally got home. Since then, I’ve coughed and sneezed my way through half term, doing as little as I can. I should be well enough ready for school on Monday. Brilliant!

Veggie Breakfast at Burford Garden Centre

I have managed to get a back massage (essential!), and my OH and I did venture out for a bit of breakfast and shopping at Burford Garden Centre (before I lovingly gave him my cold!). They do a mean veggie cooked breakfast and I managed to find some new wellies. No more wet socks for me! While we were out for the day, Poppy spent the day in dog day care and had a whale of a time! It was her first full day and she loved it, although she didn’t love being dried by a hairdryer after getting caught in heavy rain on one of her walks! I bet she sulked all afternoon!

Now all that’s left to do is some school work and get everything ready for school next week. Not exactly the week I had planned – pesky germs!

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  1. Oh no – typical! At least you had a good (forced) rest! Awww glad Poppy liked doggy day care and gotta love anywhere that does a proper veggie cooked breakfast 🙂 x

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