I’ve had a really busy few weeks & haven’t had much time for crafting. It’s fair to say I’ve missed it. But I’ve got a few big knitting projects lined up so I wanted to craft something quick, easy & from the sofa. So I decided to make some Christmas Tree decorations. Our tree this year isn’t keen on some of our heavier baubles so I wanted to make some fabric ones that wouldn’t pull the branches down. They were quick & easy, perfect for a wet Wednesday afternoon!

To make your own fabric Christmas Tree decorations, you will need:

  • fabricCutting Out
  • fabric scissors
  • needle and thread
  • template
  • stuffing
  • pins
  • ribbon
  • buttons or other accessories
  1. Firstly you need to draw and cut out your template & the only limit here is your imagination! I wanted some stars for the tree and I made them quite big. I chose this bright red Liberty fabric, that I received as part of a fabric bundle from Liberty, because I think it’s bright and festive. You could add them to some bunting, tie them onto presents or attach them to serviettes as part of your Christmas day lunch!
  2. Once you’ve drawn & cut out your template, pin it to your fabric. Because my templates were drawn freehand, I pinned both sides of the fabric together and cut them both out at the same time. That way ensuring the fabric shapes were all the same size and shape, even if my star wasn’t perfect!
  3. Then it’s time to sew the two sides together. If you want a perfect finish, then add a centimetre to your fabric before cutting out for hemming and sew the sides together using a sewing machine. I wanted more of a homemade feel so did some hand stitching around the edges.

Hand Sewing

         4. Make sure you leave a gap when sewing up so that you can stuff your star, but you won’t need much or it’ll look too round. If you haven’t got any toy stuffing you can use some old (clean) tights! Use a crochet hook to push any stuffing into the points of the star.


5. Sew a stip of festive ribbon onto the top point of the star & add a small pretty button onto the front of the star. You could also add some sparkle by sewing on some sequins would also look great.

I am pretty pleased with my Christmas stars & would definitely make some more. Next time I think I’ll some sequins and use contrasting embroidery thread, instead of regular cotton. I’d also like to make some Christmas bunting to go across the front window, so may even experiment with some holly! Watch this space!

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Have you made any Christmas decorations this year? I’d love to hear all about it!

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