My mum asked for a knitted tea cosy for her small tea pot for Christmas. No problem, I thought, Ravelry will have plenty of patterns. It did. Far too many for me to trawl through and none that would’ve been easy to make small enough.(Maths isn’t my strong suit). So, hello Google.

It suggested The New Homemaker, which had a super simple tea cosy pattern. The genius of this pattern is that you put in what size tea cosy you need and it’ll resize the pattern to fit.

I added on a few extra stitches because I was worried that it wouldn’t fit, as it looked quite small. In total, I cast on 27 stitches & used a thinner wool than recommended. The recipe is great and simple to use. I can highly recommend it. I had to learn a new technique – yarn over & the effect of it is fab.

Tea Cosy

I have to say a massive thanks to my sister for measuring the teapot and smuggling it up to us for Christmas so I could check that it fit before giving it to my mum. I added some contrasting ribbon & wrapped it for Christmas. It didn’t take long to knit at all & I think that it looks great! I’m pretty sure Mum likes it too! x

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