Life’s too Short to Give anything up for Lent!

10 Minute Solution Pilates

‘A little bit of what you fancy does you good.’

This is something that my Nana used to say & I couldn’t agree more. I am more of the ‘life is too short not to eat chocolate’ school of thought. So I don’t give things up for Lent, especially as I went without a few things during January in a bid to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. Instead, I try to put a positive spin on things, as denying myself chocolate will only end in tears! So I try to adopt a new positive habit for Lent. It’s a good way to enhance any January resolutions & continue the good intentions made at the start of the year all the way until Easter. So, as I’ve given up running & seeing some real results from doing the 30 Day Shred, I thought I should bring in some strength training in the form of Pilates. But, I’ve discovered that I like my exercise to be quick & easy to slot in at the start or the end of the day so went for the 10 Minute Solution – Pilates DVD.

10 Minute Solution Pilates

My new positive habit for lent is to complete one of the 10 minute workouts from this DVD every morning until Easter, & if it works, keep doing it! I always do some stretches in the morning anyway, for my back & my knee, so I’ve just added these on. I’ve only completed the Abs workout & did the Thighs & Bun workout this morning. One word: Ouch! The workout is fast & furious so I’m just working on learning the moves this week and will worry about improving them next week. I’m hoping it’ll help strengthen everything so when I start running again, whenever that is, I’ll be leaner & stronger. Fingers crossed!

What’s your view on Lent? Will you be giving anything up? Or adopting new good habits?

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