My eyes have always been bigger than my stomach, but that’s never stopped me from overeating. In fact, when I’m tired, I crave that ever so slightly stuffed feeling. All of this has led me to trying a whole host of different diets, none of which have worked longterm. So when my partner showed me the Lifesum app, I knew I had to give it a go. It’s basically a calorie counting app, but it’s got a great database of foods and its very easy to use. I’ve tried calorie counting before, but apps and websites that I’ve used have been too awkward or just not slick enough. This isn’t. If you need to add a food or a meal you’ve made, it’s quick and easy.

LifesumLifesum AppDieting with Lifesum

I’ve been using mine since the end of February and I’ve met my first weight loss goal ahead of schedule. I’ve been able to manage my calorie intake and if the app suggests too few calories, you can always rejig your goal so that you don’t under eat. It’s easy to keep track of your weight and it’s really helped me to see the calorie content of different foods. There were a number of foods and meals that we ate that we thought ‘weren’t that bad’. But when we added them to Lifesum, it turned out that they were filled with hidden calories. It’s also helped me to plan treats and treat meals without ruining a good week. Using it also means we can see how many calories are in our treat meals and if we’re still trying to eat within our allotted calories, it shows how careful you need to be and some foods are just not worth going over your calories for. One thing I have learnt is how much food you can eat when you eat a plant based whole foods diet. And one thing I’m happy about is eating a lot, even if that means vegetables!

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