After my first few weeks of being vegan, I thought I’d do a quick round up of some of the meals we’ve been eating. I’m not going to lie, there have been times where it’s been difficult. This is mainly because I’ve been busy back at school, have become tired, and this past week, I’ve been ill with a cold. Normally, I’d revert back to old, lazy food habits of just getting a pizza from a supermarket, or having a lasagne from Cook. Lack of convenience is the hardest part of being vegan. We can’t even pop down the pub for a quick bite. It has got me down a bit, as we need to eat a healthy balanced diet. For this to happen, we need to be organised and accept the fact that we need to cook, from scratch, most nights. Not something either of us is keen on, but it’s the best way. I also need to make enough dinner so that I can have leftovers for lunch or make myself something filling for lunch. I don’t always have a lot of time to eat during lunchtime, so what I do eat needs to fill me up until dinner time.

Here’s what we’ve eaten:

Roast Veg wrap

Vegan roast veg sandwich

This was something I made at home for lunch. I roasted up some peppers, courgette, red onion and squash, put some Sacla Free From pesto on anĀ Crosta & Mollica Classic Piada wrap. It was amazing! The best wrap I’ve ever eaten. I’ll definitely have this again. And it would be handy for school too.

Golden Cottage Pie

Vegan Shepherds pie

This was an absolute winner of a dinner. I got the recipe from Little Miss Meat-Free and it was so easy to make. We had peas and sweetcorn and plenty of gravy with it and there was enough for both of us to have left overs for lunch the next day. I will definitely be making this again soon.

Vegan Sausage & Mash

Vegan sausage and mash

You can’t beat sausage and mash can you? This one isn’t hard to veganise. I always use soya milk in the mash, but this time I used Pure Spread. I wanted to ramp up the veg a bit so quickly fried some mushrooms and onions to go with it. Delicious. We tried some of Dee’s sausages, but we weren’t keen on them. Next time, we’ll be going for some Linda McCartney sausages, as they are always a winner.

Vegan Cooked Breakfast

Vegan Cooked Breakfast

Beans, mushrooms, cherry toms, fried tofu, vegan sausages and a bit of bread. The perfect start to a lazy Sunday. I replaced the egg I would normally have with a bit of tofu and it was delicious. I didn’t miss the egg at all and was suitably stuffed.

Roast Veg tart, corn on the cob & sweet potato fries

Roast Veg tart

I’ve written about the roast veg tart before. This time I put loads of veg in and we had it with corn on the cob, cooked in the oven, and some sweet potato fries from Waitrose. This was a great dinner, plus look at all that veg!

Ann’s Vegan pasty, oven chips and peas

Annes pasties

This is my go-to lazy, comfort dinner. Oven chips (or if I’m feeling like a treat, I may even pop to the chippy and get some chip shop chips for us to share!) and one of Ann’s vegan pasties with a generous helping of peas is one of my all time favourite dinners. The pasty takes an hour to cook from frozen, so you can bung it in the oven and go off and get yourself in your jammies while it’s cooking. You can’t go wrong with this one.

I know what you’re thinking – there’s a lot of chips there. I like chips. A lot. But I do realise that, even oven chips, aren’t very healthy. We’re still in a transition period at the moment, finding new meals that are quick, easy, simple and healthy. I’ll add more when I’ve found them.

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