Browsing blogs is a great way to get recipes & ideas, as is looking through Twitter. One of the people I follow is The List Writer and a few weeks ago she tweeted about Nutella cupcakes. Naturally I asked for the recipe so when she blogged about it I knew that I had to make them!

The recipe was very straightforward and can be found on Nancy's blog The Philosophy of Lists. I didn't put any frosting on them as they were so chocolatey already that I didn't think they needed it. The only mistake I made was not trusting my oven and cooking them for a few minutes more than Nancy instructed. It didn't ruin them but the Nutella wasn't as liquid as it should have been.

There are no pictures as I was busy baking both for work & for my OH's birthday. And I was probably too busy eating the Nutella to pick up my camera! Needless to say they were delicious and I will be making them again. Fact x

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