I’m in the middle of redecorating my study. It’s been going on since August. (Don’t ask!) Along with replacing the Ikea curtains that I shortened and weren’t the same length (!), I also need a new desk and a new light. We were still using the ‘temporary’ paper lampshade, also from Ikea, which is huge (yep, we thought we were being ‘edgy’ by getting a larger paper lampshade) and I hit it every time I take the ironing board out of the airing cupboard. Plus, I want something that will give lots of light, as my office is also my craft room so I need to be able to see clearly. I love the idea of having vintage or vintage style and these are my favourite.

Lighting Ideas

1. Vintage Green Metal Shade – NOTHS // 2. Vintage Style Factory Pendant Light – NOTHS // 3. Kilner Glass Lamp – Folksy // 4. Penelope Ceiling Light – John Lewis // 5. Mason Jar Pendant Light – Etsy // 6. Dyke & Dean Enamel Shade – Heals // 7.  Welsh Fisherman’s Lamp – Howkapow

My absolute favourite is the Welsh Fisherman’s Lamp from Howkapow. Plus as I’ve painted the walls a light grey, I’m looking to add a few splashes of colour in other places. I just can’t decide which one to get! If you’ve got any suggestions, please let me know!

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