Jo Malone PackagingI don’t know about you but I love it when I buy something & it gets packaged up really nicely. I’ve noticed that a lot of Folksy & Etsy sellers do this, but so does Jo Malone. It’s not the kind of shop I visit regularly but when I do get something from there it’s a real treat. My mum bought me some perfume from there for my birthday. I didn’t open the bag for about a month! It just sat there looking pretty in my room. The assistant had sprayed some perfume onto the black tissue paper that went into the bag so my whole room smelt of it. Super lush!

When I finally opened the bag, there was so much black ribbon & black tissue paper I thought I’d died & gone to heaven. It was like the gift that kept on giving. It made me think that when I sell on Folksy I need to make sure that my packaging is lush, pretty & as environmentally friendly as possible. With that I mind I went on a hunt for recycled jewellery boxes. I stumbled across the Tiny Box Company. They had the perfect boxes so I put in an order. I think that they work a treat with my necklaces. I can’t wait for my first sale so I can wrap the little box up in some lush tissue paper & send it on its way!

Crafty Chai Necklaces

What’s your view on packaging? Do you have any great examples or fab suppliers? x

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