Seasalt Spring Favourites

Every now and then, I look at my ‘wardrobe’ and wonder if there’s such a thing as have too many stripey tops. Then I chuckle to myself and realise that no, there is no such thing. You can never have too many stripes. Fact. This is one of the many reasons why I love Seasalt clothing. They always have stripes, their clothes are ethically made, they are mega comfy and they’re from my spiritual home of Cornwall. It’s like someone made a shop for me! How very kind. While having a look through my clothes the other day, despite the stripes and the odd dress for school, it did occur to me that there’s lots of things in there that I don’t wear and it could do with an injection of a few new pieces. This gave me the perfect excuse to have a look at the new items on the Seasalt website and these are a few that instantly jumped out at me.

Seasalt spring favourites

{Backstone top £35 || Heneward dress £49.95 || Sailor shirt £29.95 ||

Lamledra trousers £55 ||  Long Seafolly jacket £110 || St Endellion skirt £39.95}

I’ve already got two of the sailor shirts and have ordered this one and the ecru orca one as part of the current two for £40 offer. They are very versatile tops and I wear them to work, out walking the dog, when I’m out for dinner with friends or just hanging out at home. I’ve gone for long sleeve versions, purely for warmth. I like the backstage top because while it’s still a stripy top, it’s a little bit different, a little bit fancy and I love the button detail. There should be more buttons on tops. The Heneward dress is perfect for work too. It’s smart, good for layering and going from boiling classrooms to freezing classrooms and can be dressed down with a pair of chelsea boots or wellies. This is high on my wish list, as I’m convinced it’ll look great with tights and bare legs. I have wanted one of the classic Seasalt Seafolly jackets for ages but I really like the idea of a longer one, which is ideal for dog walking and damp bus duty. I’m going to put this on my birthday list, especially in the yellow (one can only wear so much blue!). I have been wearing bootcut jeans as my go to jean for ever. I think they look alright, but every now and then I think they do look a bit dated and I could be wearing something a bit smarter. Plus I can’t wear my chelsea boots with them. The Lamledra trousers look fab. Not skinny jeans (I will never be the kind of person that can wear skinny jeans, thanks to my rugby player-esque thighs!), but smart straight leg cord trousers. I have a denim skirt, but it’s short and has weird buttons on the packets that aren’t really pockets (whoever thought fake pockets on clothing were a good idea needs a slap). This is a skirt that I could wear to school on a non-uniform day, walk the dog in, wear with tights, leggings or bare legs. This is a definite favourite for next pay day.

While I was looking through the website, I came across a picture of a familiar face:

Seasalt raincoats nigel legge

I first came across Nigel when we watched A Fisherman’s Apprentice, which introduced the adorable last remaining fisherman’s village of Cadgwith to us and we’ve since had a number of lovely holidays there. Nigel is a fisherman in Cadgwith and makes traditional lobster pots, one of which we bought the last time we were in Cadgwith and it sits in our lounge. (Obviously, as  a vegan I’m against fishing, but the fishing Nigel and the other Cadgwith fisherman do is so much more sustainable and doesn’t harm the local environment like most fishing does so if you’re going to eat fish, you should eat the fish these guys catch. Phil has and can testify to it’s deliciousness.)

Please note, this is not a paid article for Seasalt, I just bloomin’ love what they do!

Tuesday Treat – Matt & Nat

I have been an admirer of Matt & Nat for some time, though I’ve never treated myself to any of their lovely bags. No idea why, but since becoming vegan, I felt hypocritical using my leather purse and became hyper aware of it and the leather bits and pieces on my bag, especially when I’m in vegan shops or talking about veganism to people. I’ve had my eye on their range of bags for a while, but as I’m trying to be responsible and on a budget, I knew I couldn’t afford anything. Then they announced their sale so thought I’d have a look. Lo and behold, the bag I wanted and the purse I wanted were in the sale. This kind of thing never happens to me! So I treated myself and bought them.

Matt & Nat Rehe bagThe bag is the Rehe bag in Midnight and the purse is Sublime in Cocoa. The sale prices were too good to ignore and I’m really pleased with my purchases. All of Matt & Nat bags are vegan and the linings inside their bags are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. Their ethical credentials are really impressive. The bag and purse look really smart, are definitely on trend and because they’re classic styles, they always will be. Not only that, they’re cruelty free and ethically responsible. What’s not to love?!

Bedroom Inspiration – Scandi Style

This month is our six year anniversary of living in our house. After moving a ridiculous number of times in a short space of time, I worried that we’d never be in one place for too long. My aim was five years, as that’s the amount of time you need to be somewhere so you only have to give one address on any kind of forms. I thought I would be looking to move after this time, but I can’t really be bothered with all that yet. So we’re looking to carry on redecorating some more of the house this year.

We’re going to start with the bedroom, as it was the first room we decorated. We had a few days to do it before our things got moved in and it is hideous. This is no exaggeration. Take a look.

Decorating disasterRed wall in a bedroomSee, even Poppy can’t look at it. Do not ask me why we went for a feature wall and a red feature wall at that. It’s bloomin’ awful and took about four coats of paint to achieve. The ‘cream’ is painted straight onto the wood chip *shudders* wall paper that was there when we moved in. Both Phil and I have removed wood chip before so we both knew what a hideous job it would be and when we were moving in, we didn’t have time to do it then. Plus, it’s probably covering some awful walls. Not only that but the built in wardrobes are really badly built and they don’t even close properly. All in all it is a very uninspiring room. For years, I have poured over pins of beautiful, relaxing, opulent and luxurious bedrooms on Pinterest, so much so, I dedicated a board to them. Here are a few of my current favourites:

Style Files white bedroom


Liz Marie Blog




Chocolate and creamz


[Images via their respective sources]

Judging by my Pinterest account, I seem to be drawn to plain walls, a mega comfy bed (not like the one we’ve got now) and a simple, clean room. We’ve got the simple room down to a T, but it’s the rest of it that needs a lot of attention. So here’s the plan:

  • Strip the hideous wallpaper.
  • Get in a plasterer to sort out the walls, including plastering over the red wall.
  • Buy an awesome floor to ceiling wardrobe, with room for everything we need, including drawers and someway of storing all my make up and jewelry. I don’t want any other furniture in the bedroom, other than the wardrobes, bed and bed side tables.
  • Paint the walls a light plain colour.
  • Finally get a full length mirror.
  • Get rid of the curtains and sort out some awesome blinds instead (need to be black out in order to stop Poppy rising at the crack of dawn in the summer)
  • New lampshade
  • New bed (in time)
  • Make it light, bright and lush with no freakin’ hideous red feature wall.

Hopefully, we’ll be making a start on this soon, with the bulk of the work taking place over the Easter holidays. I can’t wait, as this room has been annoying me since the time I tried to move my clothes into the wardrobe and found that the wardrobe was too small for my hangers. I’ve been hating it ever since. I’ll let you know how we get on and if we can be rid of that red wall!

#SavouringJanuary – An Instagram challenge

It’s been a while since I completed an Instagram challenge. I always seem to find out about them after they have started, by which point i feel it’s too late to join in. So when I spotted The Green Gables sharing an post on Instagram about #savouringjanuary Instagram Challenge, I really wanted to join in. January can be such a tricky month. Once you’ve got over the excitement of a new year, and all the changes that you’re planning to make for that ‘new you’, January can be quite bleak. It’s still dark most of the time, the weather is usually crap, everyone’s on a diet or doing Dry January and no one has any money. By looking for something positive every day was a really good idea. So much so that I kind of miss it. I am always on the look out for things to pap on my phone, but I liked having a daily focus. It made me think about my day in a different way. Here’s a collection of my favourites.

Savouring January 2016I realise that I post an obscene amount of Poppy/cake/river views! But that pretty much sums up most of my days, besides being at school. It was nice to be able to share some elements from my work life, such as the marking and planning and countless lists to remember everything that I have to do.

On my last post for #savouringjanuary, Gabrielle from The Green Gables left a comment, telling me about the weekly #savouringhappiness Instagram post. I’m really going to try and post something for that every week. I can’t promise that it won’t be cake or Poppy based! I will try to look out for some more variations! I think it’s important to remind ourselves of the little things that can make us happy on a day to day basis, especially when we’re struggling. This term has been incredibly busy and I am counting down the days until the half term break, just so I can catch up on my sleep and try to get ahead for the next term. As I’m feeling worn out, I need to keep my eyes peeled for anything that can brighten my day. Head over to my Instagram to see what I come up with.