The Joy of Being Crafty

The Joy of Being Crafty

The joy of a new crafty project. I cannot describe the feeling I get when I buy some bits & pieces to make something new. The potential success. The new skills. The end result. The oooing & ahing that will (hopefully) occur. This is what I plan will happen with these little bits that I picked up from Hobbycraft on Friday evening.

The Joy of Being CraftyThe Easter embroidery kit is for an Easter card that I plan to sew for my Granny. She’ll love it & keep it for ever! The other bits are for some jewellery that I plan to make. I’m not quite sure what yet, but I bought some bits to make earrings & I know how to make fasteners from the wire for bracelets & necklaces so sky’s the limit with these. The blue button isn’t for anything specific, but I just couldn’t resist it! I have a button addiction. (More on that in future posts!)

So you will have to check back in a few weeks to see how I’m getting on. Pics will definitely follow!

Friday Cake Day

It was my turn to bring cakes in for our weekly cake day. Instead of buying of them, I thought I’d use my new Dualit handmixer & take advantage of the opportunity to try out some new recipes.

I had made cupcakes before, but I wanted to practice my icing techniques too. I received a lovely vintage icing kit from my OH’s mum for Christmas so I wanted to see how that worked too. 

Friday Cake Day CupcakeThe result was amazing. Someone even said that they looked professional and asked whether I had bought them from a shop! A lovely compliment. Cupcakes aren’t difficult to make & with a good icing bag or kit, some sprinkles & colourful cases, anyone can make professional looking cakes.

I also tried making a Victoria Sponge for the first time. The first attempt was a disaster, despite following the recipe to the letter. The reason: The oven was WAY too hot. It resulted in a lovely golden outside and a raw inside! Not what I was looking for. So for the second attempt, I used my trusty oven thermometer. The result was perfection. Some nice jam & freshly whipped cream later did in fact result in (Mary Berry’s) Perfect Victoria Sponge.

Definitely a perfect way to end the working week!