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Tuesday Treat – YAWstore

Social media can be a wonderful thing. You can use it as a way to raise awareness of great organisations doing big things to help change the world. Another wonderful things is, that as a consumer, you have the power to change things with what you buy. I’m always looking for new places to buy fairtrade, vegan clothing and just before Christmas, I came across YAWstore via Twitter. YAWstore sell clothes, gifts and accessories for the conscientious consumer. None of their products contain animal skin and they explain the ethical footprint of their products, so you, as a consumer, can make an informed choice. If only all shops were this transparent, eh?

Fox Tea Towel

YAWstore have a lovely collection of clothing and accessories for women, including a gorgeous Matt & Nat purse that I have my eye on. They also sell mens and children clothing, and a few gifts, including this adorable fox tea towel, which is made from organic cotton. Not only that, but if you want to get your craft on, you can cut out the tea towel and make an adorable fox toy, which is a great excuse for not doing the washing up!

It’s #JustFriday. Light up #blackfriday

As I get older, I definitely buy less stuff. Partly because I’m lazy, partly because I never seem to have enough money but also partly because I find I’ve come to question myself with almost every purchase. Why? Well, I’ve spent a lot of time decluttering and taking things to charity shops, I’ve cleared out lots of houses that I’ve lived in and done too many tip runs to count. Plus, fast, disposable consumerism terrifies me. It’s so destructive to peoples lives and the planet. If something is cheap to buy, there’s a price being paid somewhere by someone. So when I heard about the Traidcraft #justfriday campaign as an alternative to the soul destroying black Friday, I knew I had to write about it.

Just FridayNow it’s no surprise that I don’t enjoy the run up to Christmas shopping madness. I have tweeted a number of times of my absolute disdain for Christmas shopping. I hate everything about it with the exception of making people I love and care about happy. That being said, I think we could all think about where we spend our money and the impact our consumer power has.

Traidcraft’s ‘Just Friday’ initiative is designed to make Black Friday light again. The thinking behind the campaign is that if people took a moment to stop, breathe, and buy mindfully and ethically, they could use their spending power to help people across the world.

Larry Bush, Traidcraft’s Marketing Director, says:

“Imagine if just 1% of the £1bn that retail analysts predict will be spent on Black Friday was spent with ethical, Fair Trade organisations like Traidcraft and People Tree? Even this small percentage could help us improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the developing world and make a huge difference to someone’s life – and you’ll be buying a beautifully handmade, unique gift for family and friends.”

“So on Black Friday, one of the most chaotic days on the shopping calendar, we’re offering an alternative with Just Friday and asking people to take a few moments and think about their buying choices.”

Imagine that! When you see the amazing changes to lives of people around the world, all thanks to fairtrade products, you know that it’s a no brainer and fairtrade is so powerful. It makes a massive difference, not just to the farmers and growers, but the lives of their families, the communities in which they live and beyond. And it’s all within the power of your credit card. So why not add a bit of light to Black Friday and spend your money where it’ll help improve lives.

Tuesday Treat – Weekend Treats

Last week was a pretty hectic week at Crafty Chai towers. It’s fair to say I was ecstatic when Friday evening arrived. As I’d been so busy, I’d planned a few treats for the weekend. One was a delicious bottle of organic fairtrade vegan wine from Stellar Winery, ticking all my ethical boxes. I don’t drink alcohol very often, but am pleased to have found all of my favourite tipples available for vegans. I’d also planned some cake from Barefoot Kitchen in Oxford. While I did have my eye on a slice of the vegan chocolate cake, it had sold out by the time we got there. So I had a slice of the incredibly delicious banana caramel cake. It was a-mazing!

Banana Caramel cakeI also managed to squeeze in two long baths and a few adventure filled dog walks with Poppy, one of which involved Snake’s Head fritillaries, Kenneth Graham’s grave and Poppy falling in to the River Cherwell! It was a lovely weekend and I can’t wait for the next one.

Life can move at such an incredible pace so it’s important to slow down and make time for some of life’s pleasures, like cake and wine!

Tuesday Treat – Cob weave Welsh Blankets

One of the reasons I enjoy spring is the warmth of the sun during the day but the excuse to snuggle up under a warm blanket during the chilly evenings. The sun hasn’t yet warmed the air enough for it to be so warm in the evening that it’s time to do away with the blanket just yet (though truth be told, I’ll still be using mine even in summer!) In our house, every room has at least one blanket in it. You can never have too many blankets and I’ve got my eye on these gorgeous cob weave Welsh blankets from Decorator’s Notebook.

Cobweave Welsh wool blankets

[Image via source]

Not only do the blankets look super cosy, but they also come in a range of beautiful colours. Plus they’re made in North Wales so they’re fairtrade and local. How great is that?! I think I need one in every colour!