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FMS Photo a Day – Week 1

Photo a Day - Week 1

I’ve often seen people doing photo diaries or photo challenges and I’ve wanted to have a go. So I finally decided to commit to doing it and have been taking part in Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day for October. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll have seen the pics, but if not, here’s a round up of week 1.

Photo a Day - Week 1

I’ve really enjoyed doing it – finding different things to take pictures of that fit in to the category chosen over on the blog. It’s also been really interesting seeing how people who follow me on Instagram respond to the images. I think I’ve even gained followers, which is great!

Have you taken part? What has been your favourite day so far?

The Wildlife Trust #30DaysWild Days 11-17

Between taking part in #30dayswild and watching Springwatch, it has been all about nature here at Crafty Chai towers. We’ve been obsessed with the starlings on the bird feeder in the garden, watching fish in the Thames, counting bees at every chance we get and tried to catch glimpses of bats at sunset.

That being said, this week has been crazy.  With a few early dog walks before work, late nights thanks to book group and watching John Grant (with a special appearance from Kylie!) at the Albert Hall, there hasn’t been much time for getting wild. However, I’ve still been watching and managed to see lots of red kites circling above the M40 and little bunnies at the roundabout joining the A34. I’ve also managed to photograph these little beauties:

Grey squirrel Fledging jackdaw Oxeye daisy Woodland fungus

Even as I walk about school, I try to keep my eyes peeled to the nature around me. Wagtails bobbing about after lunch, huge raindrops during thunderstorms causing lots of squealing in the classroom next door and basking in sunshine as I walked between buildings. The weather has been really weird in the last few days. I’ve never known there to be so many thunderstorms so close together. Am really hopeful that the weather next week will be more settled, if for no other reason than to help the bees and the butterflies!

Tuesday Treat – Green People

Earlier this year, I bought some Green People sun cream. I hadn’t realised how vast their range was and after using some of their Vita Min Fix that I received in as a sample, I decided to take a closer look at their range. These three products have become a staple part of my daily regime.

Green People Beauty products

The Vita Min Fix 24-hour cream is a gorgeous great that has a lovely smell and leaves your skin feeling really soft, without any stickiness. I’ve tried numerous natural deodorants that were, quite frankly, useless as deodorants, but since becoming vegan, I’ve needed to switch a handful of products out for vegan ones and needed to find a new deodorant. I had a look on Big Green Smile, which allows you to search their products by criteria, searched for Vegan Society registered products and came across the Green People Natural Deodorant. It has really good reviews so I gave it a try. It’s excellent. I’ve got the one with added rosemary and it has a delicate smell and is effective as a deodorant. Very important after a full day of teaching in a hot and sweaty classroom! I’ve drastically reduced the amount of products I use on my hair, through no other reason than sheer laziness! Again, I needed to find a vegan product for my hair that could just help it to retain it’s style after I’ve straightened it without the product being too heavy. I saw someone on Twitter reviewing the avocado and quinoa styling gel and thought I’d give it a go. Like the other Green People products, it has a lovely smell, no horrible chemical tangs here, and it holds really gently. It even protected my hair during a bit of drizzle on school photographs day, which was excellent! No frizz photo bombing my pic!

I am a huge Green People convert. Their products are gentle on me and the environment, which is brilliant!

Tuesday Treat – Beach Holiday

This time last week, Poppy & I were getting blown away on a few lovely Pembrokeshire Beaches. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a long walk with Poppy, especially across the beach. The photo below was taken at Broad Haven beach in Pembrokeshire and I’ll be adding it to my Dog Walking series soon. Over the few days I was there, we managed to visit five beaches. Newgale was my favourite, as we managed to hit it while the tide was out. It’s huge and perfect for dog walks, even in gale strength winds.

Broad Haven BeachWhile I enjoy a good walk around the countryside, for me, the coast is where it’s at. There’s nothing quite like the taste of sea salt on your lips and the smell of the sea in your hair when you get home. Even gale strong winds couldn’t ruin our walks last week. though I don’t think Poppy appreciated getting so much sand in her face!