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#BEDN ~ A Day in the Life of A Crafty Chai

My day generally starts about 6.30am, which is when Poppy stirs. She’s really struggled with the clocks changing, but seems to have finally realised that 5.30am isn’t time to get up! When I’m not feeling under the weather, like I am today, I’ll usually start my day with Pilates, but all I could manage this morning was a chilly walk with Poppy & my OH.

Morning dogwalkAfter getting home & feeding Poppy, it’s time for my own breakfast at about 8am, which is usually cereal or porridge, but this morning my OH & I decided we deserved a bit of a treat!

CroissantsThen after doing the dishes and a few other very exciting chores around the house, I usually sit down at my desk at about 9am, where I start checking all the different social media streams that I manage and set about responding to emails & catching up on blogs.

A craty chai at workToday we had a guy from a double glazing company come round to give us quote on replacing two windows that are permanently saturated at the moment. The current windows are probably Edwardian, so not original to the house, but still pretty old. We did look at refurbishing them, but to be honest, they are so cold & let so much noise in, that replacing them seems like the best option. Can. Not. Wait.

WindowAfter scheduling lots of social media for the weekend, it was time for lunch & a damp dog walk. It was pretty wet out there, so Poppy & I were only out there for a short time. We went to the park, where Poppy was bitten the other day. It’s only a small bite & she’s taking her antibiotics like a trooper, but I needed to go back to the park before it became an issue. There were a few other dogs there & I was terrified the whole time, but Poppy took it all in her stride!

Damp dogThe afternoon was spent blogging, doing blog post research and catching up on the Freelance Lifestyle ecourse I’m doing this month. Quite a nice way to end the week actually! As I’m off tea due to feeling rubbish, I’m enjoying my new favourite drink instead. Cannot get enough of this stuff!

cherry cola

After quite a productive afternoon, and while I’m waiting for the dinner to cook (a very uninspired oven chips & veggie kievs), I’m going to be catching up on my reading while watching some of Grey’s Anatomy series 9 on Lovefilm. Not a bad end to the working day!

magazine stackAfter a pretty disappointing dinner (if you’ve not tried the Quorn mini kievs, don’t bother. Yuk!), it’s time to chill out. Watching a bit of mindless TV & doing some knitting in front of the fire. Yay for Friday nights!


And so to bed. I’m not much of a night owl, so I am generally in bed by 10.30pm at the latest, maybe a bit later on a Saturday, but not much. I’ll read for a bit, until my OH falls asleep, then it’s lights out. Am currently reading Restless by William Boyd for book group. Like it so far, but I’m a slow reader so it’s taking a while.

RestlessSweet dreams! x


Tuesday Treat – Autumn Cleaning

I’m not a big fan of spring cleaning. The weather is improving so I want to be outside, doing something fun. So I prefer to do my spring cleaning in autumn and am in full swing of getting everything tidy & sorted so that I can hibernate guilt free! I’ve given my study a complete overhaul, moved furniture, cleaned, organised, charity shopped, eBayed, the works. I’ve even given the pots in the garden an autumnal overhaul and planted a few lovely pansy plants to go alongside the cyclamens that are in full bloom at the moment.

Pansy and cyclamenNext weekend, we’ll be making a start on the spare room, which needs quite a bit of attention, specifically with storage. So I’m going to be looking out for good, budget friendly storage solutions to help keep that room organised. Is there anything more soothing than a good old clear out?!

Blog Everyday in November

Whether you’re in a blogging slump, need some inspiration or just want to jazz things up a bit, taking part in month long challenge is always great fun. Last year, I took part in an Instagram challenge by Fat Mum Slim and took a photo a day. This year, I’m going to take part in Blog Everyday in November challenge by Rosalilium.

#BEDNSometimes I’m really stuck for ideas as to what I should I post, other times, I can’t find enough time to blog fast enough! Either way, it’s going to be really interesting as the topics are all open to individual interpretation and I’ve already got lots of ideas of what to post. So make sure you check back for something a little different!

Are you taking part in the #BEDN challenge? Let me know so I can follow your blog!

PS: I’ll still be writing my regular posts (time & sanity permitting), so if you feel like you might get overwhelmed with it all, I’ll see you in December πŸ˜‰


Poppy on holiday in Cornwall

During the last week of September, Poppy, my OH & I went on our first holiday together to Cadgwith Cove in Cornwall. Cadgwith is an adorable little fishing village on the Lizard & has become somewhere I want to go back to again and again. One of the reasons is because it was really dog friendly, which made Poppy very happy!

Cornish coast

As soon as we arrived at our holiday rental, Little Sandcastle, Poppy made herself at home.

Little Sandcastle

The bed was the same height as the window, which meant perfect viewing for Poppy! She barked at the seagulls, other dogs & passers by. Pretty normal really! But as it’s best to access Cadgwith on foot, it was pretty quiet. This made a nice change for all of us, as at home, we get quite a bit of traffic on our street & Poppy has quite a job of letting us know that there are people about!

One of the best things about the holiday for Poppy was spending time with us, especially morning cuddles, which she enjoyed immensely (as did I!). We wore her out quite a bit with the amount of walking we did, but she loved it.

morning cuddles

On our first full day, we headed out of Cadgwith along the coast path towards the Devil’s Frying Pan. It was slightly steeper than we’re used to in Oxfordshire & gave us all a workout, Poppy included!


We walked much further than we intended to & all of us were covered in mud when we returned. Poppy really enjoyed walking along the coastal path, and wasn’t phased by kissing gates or anything! She did get frustrated by our slow & cautious pace, but she took it all in her stride. That being said, Poppy does love a good beach walk, even if she’s not a fan of the sea! There’s still lots to smell and space to run around on – it can be quite tiring!

Over tired

For a brief moment, she was the most southerly dog as we walked along the Lizard Point. She was really patient, posing for photos, which she hates! She hates being still & has started to let us know when she gets fed up by barking her frustrated bark at us! She did get lots & lots of love from locals & tourists alike, however, and we had to explain her weird breeding a lot.

Southerly Dog

One of the major downsides of going during September was that a lot of the beaches still had dog restrictions in place. This was really frustrating as most beaches were empty (The weather wasn’t really suitable!) and sadly, most of the ‘dog friendly’ beaches aren’t as nice as the others. But that didn’t stop us and because the holiday season was drawing to a close, it meant that most of the time, even the dog friendly beaches were quiet. Therefore, we let Poppy off the lead on one or two of the beaches. Needless to say she loved it! She didn’t venture far. We noticed that after she ran for a bit, she would stop & turn to see where we were.

As we couldn’t leave Poppy in the cottage on her own, she came with us everywhere & became really well trained in waiting while we ate our dinner or cream tea. As Poppy doesn’t play with toys, we have to keep her entertained with food. Pizzles are the best for this, as they last longer than most other chews. I was so impressed with the number of dog friendly cafes and restaurants in Cornwall and so many places welcomed her with treats and water.

pub pooch

Walking around the area was really lovely, as there were no squirrels for her to chase or get stressed about. She just explored new places, found new scents and came across new things, like sheep & cows. She wasn’t particularly keen on either, though while she just barked at the sheep, she seemed slightly more perplexed by the cows. After a while it dawned on us, that as we were walking through a field of cows, she was sniffing where they’d walked so could smell their hooves. Poppy chews on cow hooves all the time at home so think this must have had something to do with it!

Rock pool dogPoppy got a little bit braver in the sea at Cadgwith, exploring some of the rock pools. Because Cadgwith is a fishing village, there were loads, and I mean loads, of crab claws all over the cove! Poppy was really interested in these so we had to keep an eye, especially after her suspected allergic reaction to a tuna baguette!

Cadgwith Cove was a fantastic place for our first family holiday. Everything was so easy & relaxed. We will definitely be going back there, which Poppy will be pleased to know, I’m sure!