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Tuesday Treat – Whimsy

With all that there is on the internet, all the great blogs and online magazines, it’s always refreshing to find something new. And that’s why I’m pleased to have found Whimsy. In their own words, they aim to:

inspire you with creativity, positivity, pretty photography and interesting reads. In short, we’ll immerse you in the Whimsy life.

Personally, I don’t think we spend enough time enjoying the simple things and the whimsy that life has to offer. We move through everything at warp speed, constantly feeling not up to scratch. So anything that helps us to stop and smell the roses, embrace who we are and feel pretty darn lucky for the good things in life, is worth spending some time with in my book.

strawberry lemonade
{Image from Whimsy}

Also, anyone that encourages homemade strawberry lemonade is pretty cool in my book!

Whimsy has only been launched for about a week so keep checking back to see what new and exciting features they post. I’m really looking forward to see what they feature next.

Where do you look to for inspiration? Have you discovered anything great online recently? Let me know!

Pinterest Friday

Chin Chin

Wow! How quick has this week gone? Love a four day week, as it means getting to the weekend even quicker. I’ve got a few DIY plans for the weekend, weather permitting! I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest so here are a few images that I’ve loved & pinned this week.


Cottage GardenSource


Chin Chin






I hope these beautiful images brighten your day a bit – it’s very grey here in Oxfordshire. Fingers crossed the sun visits us tomorrow! Have a great day!

Tuesday Treat – Home Barn

HomeBarn Butterflies

A little while ago, I noticed a few people tweeting about a place called Home Barn. A quick search online & I could see why – It sells a real mixture of eclectic vintage products for home and garden. Once I’d had a good look through the website, I knew I had to visit for myself. And so we did, a few weekends ago. They have so many things that I want for our home, including a beautiful grey wardrobe that would look great in our bedroom. My favourite thing, however, is the beautiful butterflies in a frame.

HomeBarn ButterfliesThis is not the kind of thing I would normally go for, and my photo doesn’t do it justice, but I love the brightness of the colours on the butterfly wings, especially the blue one at the top. That’s the other thing I love about Home Barn. They aren’t afraid to use bright colours and have inspired me to do something with the wooden dining chairs we inherited. They could do with a lick of paint to bring them to life! If you haven’t yet discovered the wonderful world tucked into Home Barn then you’re missing out! Check them out online or pop in & say hello at their shop in Little Marlow.

Tuesday Treat

Oh, Hello Friend

This week, in the middle of shopping, finishing up with work, wrapping & tinsel, I wanted to bring you something lovely. So I’ve decided to share with you a great online shop & blog, Oh, Hello Friend. I discovered it the Renegade Craft Fair that I went to a few months ago. It was my favourite stall in the whole place because it had a mixture of vintage, stationery and craft products. It’s basically a shop designed for me! My favourite thing of the moment tho, are stamps. Not postage stamps, though I love those too, but big stamps, like the ones that Oh, Hello Friend do.

Oh, Hello Friend

If I had my way I’d have them all! Oh, Hello Friend is even branching out & opening a real bricks and mortar shop in the new year. Sadly for me, they are based in California, so visiting their shop would involve a plane ticket! But for now, I’ll have to stick with their online shop. Not that that’s a hardship – in fact it’s a real pleasure looking through all their great photos!