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#BEDM – Blog Love

Well, I might be a bit late and have missed a few posts, but Blog Everyday in May is over! It’s been a bit difficult fitting them all in this time, what with a holiday, a birthday and squeezing work in between oh so many bank holidays. But it’s been interesting to do and a great way to find new blogs. Plus it’s great to do in preparation for Blognix. Have you got your ticket yet?! I’ve got mine 🙂


I hope my #BEDM posts have been entertaining, thought provoking or at the very least, helped you to pass the time while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil! Either way, normal service resumes now!

Some of my favourite blogs are:

  • Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish: In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a massive fan of Laura’s. She’s helped me get my eating under control and focused on healthy rather than diet.
  • Wallflower Girl: I love the look and feel of Aimée’s blog and the photography is amazing! She has some amazing recipes, which are well worth a look and a taste!
  • Mathilde heart Manech: I always feel happier after reading Lisa’s blog. She writes about so many lovely things. Definitely one to follow!
  • Consistently Average: Okay, I’ll admit it, this is my OH’s blog, but that’s not why I like it. He’s a great writer and has an eye for detail. Take a look – you won’t be disappointed!
  • A Life Less Bullshit: The title says it all. I think we could all use a little less bullshit in our lives and this blog is full of tips to helping you get a life with a little less bullshit.

How about you? What are you favourite blogs? Any that I should add to my Bloglovin‘ feed?

A Crafty Chai at Chelsea Flower Show

Last weekend was quite the whirlwind! Not only did I celebrate my birthday on the Friday and visit Harry Potter, but on the Saturday, thanks to Interflora, I headed to Chelsea Flowers Show with my friend Anna. I’d won tickets through their Pinterest competition and was so excited to go. I was so surprised to win – to be honest, I would’ve been chuffed to win some flowers, but this was way better!

It was a fairly early start to get into London before the crowds and more importantly, before the rain! We were fairly lucky on that score, being that we managed to dodge any showers until we were heading home. The crowds were more difficult to dodge – it was packed! I’ve never been shoulder barged by quite so many pensioners! Sometimes it was so busy, you couldn’t see the garden and lots of my photos have heads in. Nonetheless, it was an epic day and I took soooooo many photos, that I’ve had to put them on Flickr. Here are a few of my favourite snaps from the day.




Cape Town

Purples White flowers Potters Garden


Interflora Display Me in the Interflora display

This is me standing in the winning Interflora display. Despite me nearly destroying the display and the florists having such a busy week, they talked me through the display quite happily. There were so many amazing displays of flowers, from growers, countries, trade stands and designers. It gave me so much inspiration for my own garden and I think we’re going to go with a country cottage style garden, with lots of alliums, poppies, wild flowers and a few other select plants, like peonies, lily of the valley and some ornamental grasses. Watch this space!

It was an overwhelming, brilliant, amazing, exhausting, attack on all the senses experience. I loved it! I’d definitely go again, though I think I’d like to go during the week instead. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Julia at Interflora for getting in touch about the competition and passing on the good news of my win!

A Crafty Chai and Harry Potter

Almost everyone I know has been on to visit the Harry Potter sets at Warner Bros. Studios so in a bid to make sure I got to go sooner rather than later, I’ve been hinting to my OH all year about wanting to go on my birthday. I didn’t think he’d picked up on it until I opened my birthday card Friday morning and found tickets to go and see Harry Potter! I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited – I could barely contain myself!

It was AWESOME! I took so many photos, I’ve added them to my Flickr page, but here are a few of my favourites.

Under the Stairs




Handwritten letters


HogwortsIt was brilliant. Seeing the sets up close, the detail in the costumes, the secrets behind the filming and walking through the Great Hall. I even got to open the doors to the Great Hall because it was my birthday! I was so chuffed! I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing – I’ve watched the Harry Potter films many times so seeing everything in real life was really amazing. I didn’t want the tour to end, but it finally did and I bought myself a Harry Potter pencil from the gift shop – what else?! (Tho, I was hugely tempted by one of the Hogwart jumpers!)

It’s a really inspirational place to go, to think that it’s all there because of the idea that JK Rowling had. I would quite happily go again and again, though I probably wouldn’t have the butterbeer again, it’s a bit sweet for my tastes! Have you been? What did you think?

#BEDM – Walk to Work Week

As a freelancer I work from home, so my walk to work involves me walking downstairs. And that walk isn’t particularly photo worthy! So I’ve decided to share the walk I took on Monday.

Cadgwith Stream
Cadgwith View
Sunny Cadgwith
Cadgwith Footpath
I walk somewhere at least twice a day with Poppy, even if I don’t feel like it because it’s so beneficial. It gets me moving, gives me so much needed fresh air and vitamin D and is essential for my mental health. You can read more about my dog walks with Poppy here.

How about you? Where’s your favourite walk?