Sunday morning my OH suggested we go out for breakfast – like I need to be asked twice – I got dressed and off we went.

Pancakes at Greens CafeWe wanted to do a bit of shopping too so parked near Greens Cafe in Oxford & headed in. One reason I wanted to go there was because I knew they did pancakes & I’ve never tried them. Obviously I had a huge mug of chai to wash them down.  I couldn’t believe the size of the pancakes. They were huge! Not to mention delicious. It came with a lovely side of fruit & the pancakes filled me up for most of the day. Perfect!

One criticism was that there was no atmosphere in the cafe whatsoever. It was quite early so they weren’t very busy. There was no music, TV or papers to read. It was really quiet and was a bit like eating breakfast in a museum! I’ve never known it so quiet there. If you go later in the day it’s usually buzzing. But the pancakes were awesome! And I love my pancakes x

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